Wow, it was a pretty wild night in New Britannia, with FireLotus at the helm of Avatar Radio. She threw out a very broad mix of music that was a lot of fun to listen to. She had plenty of people showing their dance moves at the tavern. That alone was worth jumping in for.

Besides the music, I ran tried my hand at crafting and while it was certainly interesting, I ran into quite a few problems. First, there were some severe connection issues that kept throwing me out of the game. Of course, I was just about to put the last piece of my crafting recipe on the table when this happened. And due to a issue with the game all my pieces were lost. Frustrating, but I got everything from the chests so it’s not that big a deal. Just a little frustrating. I also think crafting might be a tiny bit too granular. I know it’s realistic to make the “blank” and then go over and put the hilt and the blank together, but it’s a bit time consuming. I’m sure a lot of people love the level of details, but it slowed things down for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s neat, but I want things to move along a little quicker.

I did manage go out in search of danger and found a few interesting places. I battled some spiders, a bear, some kobolds and some lizards. I actually managed to kill some stuff instead of getting slaughtered myself. That was a nice change of pace! I even found some magic mushrooms in a set of caverns where I dispatched the Kobolds. I didn’t find the Lich and get my own bone throne, but maybe that will be tonight.

Overall, it was good fun. Connection issues aside, the game looks really good and I finally had tried crafting and actually killed a few monsters. I’m quite proud of that. I’ll be back in there tonight to slay a few more monsters and see what kind of mischief I can get into. I didn’t set up my house so maybe I will do that today as well. Either way, the game is looking pretty nice and things are really coming together. We have a launch date of October so things are really going to start moving forward.

Here’s a couple of shots of some of my adventures – magic mushrooms and a citizen on fire. Oh yeah, and check out FireLotus as she hangs out on the balcony during her DJ set.

SotA_04-25-14_20-05_1 SotA_04-25-14_20-20_1 SotA_04-25-14_21-21_1 SotA_04-25-14_21-28_1

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