Another issue that comes up over and over again is the idea of PvP vs. PvE. I admit right off the bat, I fall into the PvE crowd. I want to play the game and don’t really have an interest in hunting down other characters in order to cause them grief or steal their loot. I simply don’t see the point. If that’s what I wanted to do I would buy a game specifically tailored to that. But obviously people want SotA to have and thus we keep going back and forth on how to give people the option. I have a couple of thoughts.

My only real experience with PvP in an RPG is from Diablo II and it seems like that mechanism would work fine in SotA. Combat isn’t allowed in town, period. But, once you get out of town you can click the button to cross your swords into combat mode and now other players with the same setting can be found and you two can battle it out to demonstrate your online machismo. Further, since this is a medieval setting, why not make arenas and combat areas where you can actually compete and win money in combat games. You have to pay gold to enter and then you are matched against players with similar attributes. You then enter and battle it out using whatever weapons or magic you have. Use the sword, use the fireball, bring on the death magic, whatever you want to do. You would be on a ladder system so you could ultimately win a huge pool of gold and maybe other items. And since it’s an arena, the rest of could come and watch to see how you do. Seems fairly simple. And it would be just as easy for you to enter as a team or party. You ally with each other but select combat against the other team.

I also think the cost of losing in PvP would also resemble Diablo II where you would lose all your items or at least you could be freely looted and thus have the chance of walking away much worse off than when you started. There should be consequence and reward.

I don’t like the idea of these special areas with special reagents and that sort of thing. I don’t want PvP, pure and simple and I shouldn’t be penalized or my game experience lessened because of it. Make it part of the game that is freely selectable, make it a series of games – à la Gladiator style, give a reward for winning and a tinge of risk to enter battle.

Maybe it’s a bit simplistic, but it seems to satisfy the conditions doesn’t it?

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