It’s been months since I’ve been able to tune into a Pen of the Avatar episode and maybe I haven’t missed all that much since the series has been on an extended hiatus. But today, Stephen hit the ground running and showed off a new piece called the Standing Stones. It’s sort of combines Stonehenge with bits from the Lunar Rift. But in the middle of this one we have sorcery going on.

It was a real treat to sit back down and watch Stephen bring a painting to life and show how some key features of Photoshop are used. Let’s not forget the new drawing tablet Stephen has at his disposal which I believe is a massive Wacom Cintiq. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware and due to some technical difficulties we end up getting a very good hands on demonstration of how Stephen uses it. Josef puts the camera right over shoulder which is a little shaky at times, but was still pretty awesome.

I caught the replay and you will need to jump around a little bit since Google+ kept dropping out and lost the image multiple times. It’s good for the first hour and then we start to go over the cliff. Still, it’s worth watching because Stephen pulls together a wonderful image.



Pen of the Avatar 2014-05-06 – Standing Stones Splash Art

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