Since so many people had suggestions (read complaints) about the Overland Map, it’s now being overhauled to look more like it did in the demo videos we all saw when SotA was first presented. The original attempt to make it look like a cloth map was not well received. I don’t mind cloth map style, but I sort of don’t get the point since it doesn’t do anything. It’s kind of slow to navigate if that’s all it’s for. Well, it doesn’t really matter too much anymore since a completely new version is coming. Stephen made mention that as soon as his Pen of the Avatar was over he was going to get to work on the new map system. Perhaps we’ll see that in the R6 release scheduled to come out just before the end of the month. The way these guys write code I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it done by then. Hopefully it doesn’t send the game into a tailspin.

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