So we have a new Dev Hangout and quite a few interesting tidbits of information came to light. First, we have Amber Raine who becomes a member of the Order of the New Britannian Empire for all the work she’s done with the community and Avatar Radio. And to that end there is a want and perhaps even a goal now to make a “wireless” device that can actually pick up Avatar Radio in game. If I understand correctly you’ll be able to tune-in while playing the game itself. I’ve never heard of anything like that being done before and it sounds wickedly exciting.

Next we Richard and Tracy showing off different parts of the map while explaining what sorts of cultures we can expect to find. Tracy hinted at some Asian influences and Stephen backed that up with some concept art.

Speaking of maps, Chris said he’s working on a new map and will do everything he can to push that into the R6 release. He didn’t give all the details, but it sounds like it will be a stab at the new overland map. You may have to play some keyboard trickery to get it to come up, but he says something new will be there waiting for us.

And further speaking of the map, we got a bit of a guided tour by Tracy and now that we have most of the pieces together there is a tremendous amount of detail to take in. You can see there are lots of town out there, roads that crisscross each other, volcanoes, mines and dungeons. And if you look closely you can see the icons that show what sort of power source is in that town. There are icons for windmills, Tesla coils and geo thermal power next to the volcanoes. Obviously I need to study this map in a bit more detail.

Lots of interesting history and backstory about the game so well worth the time to watch. And everything is on track for the R6 release. And for the next Dev Hangout with Chris, he’s going to work on the map “on the fly”. Gonna have to tune in for that!




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