For this Dev Hangout we get a 2 hour presentation of what it’s like to create levels for the actual game. Chris went through several of the tools they use in-house to build the towns, dungeons and other player areas of the map that we walk through. It was an incredibly interesting behind the scenes look at game design elements. Chris literally starts at the beginning to create a terrain map, then jumps over into Unity where he adds texture, refines the size of the plateaus, adds some trees and in one fell swoop changes all the grass elements over to lava. We also get insight into how the team approaches making levels such as how to enter, exit, what you can walk on, what’s off limits and where the boundaries are.

As a bonus, this level will actually be something we can see in the game during the R6 test. Chris will do some cleanup, refine the elements and when all is said and done we will be able to use some super secret special command set that will unlock that level and we can enter his lovely area of death. It’s full of lava remember. Nothing says fun like scorched earth.

But anyway, if you want a look at what goes into the game, this is quite enlightening. It’s far longer than most chats with lots to take in and world building as you watch. Check it out and get ready for R6 which comes to us tomorrow.

On-the-Fly Level Creation and Map Design with Chris Spears

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