Greetings fellow Avatars! I hope you’re enjoying your time in Shroud of the Avatar for this Memorial Day weekend. I’m diligently working my way from town to town checking out the sites and talking to lots of different people. I even managed to find a plot and set up my house. Sadly, there’s nothing in it and I have tendency to forget where I put it. Not having a map gets me all manner of disoriented.

I actually got The Clink quest, but I’m running into some trouble and some frustration as I can’t give Myron the key. I found the downtrodden devil, but I can’t seem to give him anything. I had the same problem with Morton in the tavern. I can’t give him the beer. I seem to have it in my hand, but I can’t hand it over. What the hell am I doing wrong?

Update: You need to say “Yes” when they ask if you have what they want.

I’ve run into plenty of other issues as well. I’ve dropped the connection more time than I can count and the game has actually flat out crashed at least 3 times now. It happens at the worst time too, right as I put the final piece together on the crafting table.

I’m still trying to get the hang of things and since there is actual objective, it’s sort of hard to know what to do. I have come up with a few things though.

There are chests scattered around town that have armor, cloaks and weapons. If you’re just starting out, go to the main gates of Owl’s Head. As you’re going into town look to your left and there is a chest on a dock.

Go talk to Myra in the marketplace and get the Clink quest for Myron. The Clink is found at the top of Owl’s Head by the stone guard towers. There is a wooden door after you pass through the entrance. That is the start of the quest. There are other chests on the quest that have loot in them. You’ll find more armor and weapons as you go through. You can trade up or sell them off for gold.

There is another chest in Kingsport, on a little wood pier. Those are the only two I’ve found so far, I’m heading back in to see what else I can discover.

I will also offer a couple other pieces of advice.

Make sure to have handy, specifically the Blacksmith recipes. You’ll want to make a weapon and some armor until you find something better. Plus, you can always sell what you make for some gold.

Tune in to Avatar’s Radio. Besides the music and request line, there is the IRC chat and they have giveaways for the weekend. You could win $10 in the SotA Add-On store. I have a laptop next to my main machine so I can look things up and listen to the music without having to exit the game.

You’ll want to look over the Runic Language at It’ll help you read the map and the signs you see in town.

Here are some other things I found while I was out.


I watched the earth try to swallow a man. Not much I could to help I’m afraid. The guy in the Viking helmet may have a crotch on fire. Not sure who is in worse shape in this situation.


I swam with the fishes.


I tended to the lighthouse and made sure the Bat signal was ready if needed.


I pretended to be a pirate and tried to board a boat through hostile means. It didn’t go as planned.


We gathered in the graveyard for some Tai Chi


Then I practiced my necromancy and tried to harvest some souls



I hung out at the top of a Tesla tower. I don’t recall how I actually got up there


I watched the shattered moon go by as the lightning bolts danced over head

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