Greetings Avatars! It’s been one heck of a weekend playing Release 6. Things started off pretty slowly, but I managed to get the hang of things and worked on a couple of quests. I got the key handed over to Myron, who then tossed it away, I talked with Morton and brought his ledger back, I got some loot from different chests such as the Darkstarr Moondial, the metronome, the Crystal Sword, the Darkstarr cloak, the Founder’s cloak and quite a few other things. I even got some really good armor this time around. I also found an NPC that told me about the Outlanders and a bit of the story of Novia. I spent quite a bit of time wandering around, but nowhere near enough since it didn’t feel like I really accomplished anything. I got a few entries in my journal so I guess I did pretty well.

There was plenty of fun to be had outside of the game as well. I have to give a big thanks to Amber Raine of Avatar’s Radio and to Korvash of Avatars’ Circle for the $10 gift certificate in the SotA addon store. Not only was there good music to listen to, but prizes as well. Speaking of music, the DJs at Avatar’s Radio are a great bunch. They played all sorts of requests for me and we had a fun time in chat. There was some story telling as well. Reminded me of old style BBC radio. Very entertaining and fun voice acting.

I also met up with Amber, Korvash and several other players in PaxLair. I toured a few of the houses down there. There must have been a lot of chest looting going on to gather up all that stuff.

As far as the game itself, there is a lot to like, but there are frustrating points as well. The new lighting system is very good and combat skills are pretty neat as well. The houses look good and the level of graphic detail is very appealing. I also like the conversation system. On the down side I had a ton of disconnect issues. The game kept kicking me out every few minutes. I know it’s alpha, but damn that was frustrating. I also have complaints about the inventory system. It’s hard to select and move items around. Things get lost way too easily like the key for the clink. I couldn’t even tell I had it. I would prefer things slot into position or sit in some sort of grid. This random grab bag isn’t really working for me.

The game was also using a ton of memory. That bad boy was creeping to the 2GB line. That seems a bit excessive.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel things in the game are easily discoverable. Like the thing with the key for Myron and giving a beer to Morton. Having to say “yes” seems awkward. I like that we’re moving away from characters having an exclamation point over their heads, but I feel incredibly lost sometimes. I know the name of the game is exploration, but a push in the right direction would be nice too. Not everything has to be hidden does it? I spend a lot of time just wandering around in circles trying to figure out what to do next.

I suppose if the game was up and running all the time I might feel a little differently. Since we’re under the gun so to speak doesn’t feel like we have the time for exploration.

But anyway, it was still a good time and I feel I made some progress. Here are some more screenshots of my (mis)adventures.


Here’s one of the chest down in Kingsport


Here’s a nice little sail barge with some nice lighting


Checking out Amber Raine’s house down in PaxLair


Hanging out in PaxLair


Checking out the night life in PaxLair


We wear pants at this level!!!


At least he had the sense to put on his cloak before going outside


I don’t know what happened to this poor bastard.


The chest at the gates inside Owl’s Head.

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