Starr Long has posted a nice roadmap of what the team is working on for Release 7 through 10, and what a list it is! We can expect new locations, more monsters, more crafting recipes, more combat skills, water lots, player made books and even a 64-bit version, just to hit a few highlights. It looks like Release 7 will have plenty of new features for us to check out.

A couple of things really grabbed my attention:
I’m excited about the 64-bit version of the game, I wonder what that will do for gameplay.
The player books will be an interesting addition. I guess there will be book publishing in the realm? How can I make my character start a publishing house? A shelf full of community generated fiction could be quite entertaining.
And the big one was the addition of new Pledge Rewards and Pledge Tiers. Now, I’m keenly interested. I’ve been looking to bump up to the next level so I wonder what these new tiers will be. Unlike a lot of people in I don’t feel like I’ll get slighted by having more pledge levels.

Overall, this is incredibly exciting news. There is so much to look forward to all the way through September. We’re going to get to the point that a weekend is barely going to scratch the surface of new features to test out. I wonder if that means the servers might stay up longer (wink, wink).

Head over to SotA and check out all the new features and improvements we’re going to get. Going to be some exciting weekends coming up!

(I will have to make a side comment that it disappoints me people are continually complaining about the things they’re not getting versus all the features we ARE getting)

Early Public Access Schedule: Release 7 and Q3 Update

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