I’m sure you’ve seen the puzzle pieces in the site updates and email updates and maybe you wondered the same thing, do they actually fit together? I wondered to the point of trying to go back and find all the pieces just to see. Turns out not only do they fit together, but @smack from the SotA forums has already done the work of completing the puzzle for us. And what do you think they make? Why yes indeed, a map of the world with Brittany nestled in by the bay!

How cool is this? A map of the world for Shroud of the Avatar including all the places we can’t get to yet. I’ll be studying this rascal to get my bearings and will have this close by as I prepare to finish the Blade of the Avatar.

Have fun with the map and a just to say it, the second link below contains a slightly different version of the map without the Brittany inset. It also contains a translated version of the map so if you want to translate it yourself, don’t scroll down too far.

The Map of the Hidden Vale vs. Novia
Updated map with jigsaw pieces (includes translations)

Here’s a very small version of the map so you can see the completed work. The full version which is 2250×1920 can be freely downloaded from the links above. I didn’t want to take away from you going to the forums and thanking @smack for all the awesome work on this.


I can already feel the cloth version of this in my hand!

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