Stephen was back at the helm for another Pen of the Avatar and this time working with Darkstarr and making his character ready for battle including his Chaos armor. It’s always fascinating watching Stephen to see the techniques he uses. I know very little of Photoshop and it amazes me to see what people can do. I love to see how layers and levels are really used. And I like how Stephen uses the mesh and warp tools. One thing I didn’t expect though was for Stephen to rip Starr’s leg clean off and then put it back again in a different position.

Actually, that was one of the neat things to see was how Stephen can select certain pieces and move them without having to draw the whole piece over again. He actually does this for both legs to try and get a proper pose and even makes adjustments to the head of his character. Along the way a lot of different techniques come into play so even though I can barely make stick figures, I was able to follow along and see how Stephen makes some of that magic.


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