Oh my goodness, the kids over at Portalarium have busted out with some major news!

This week we have one of our most epic, and most exciting, updates in a long time! We’re re-opening Release 6 for the entire week of E3, we’re introducing two new pledges, and over 70 new, bonus pledge rewards, we’ve added lower cost Row Housing, added the ability for players to own entire towns, launched the Stretch Goal Store, revealing Ardoris, the City of Canals, and announcing a 10% Pledge Bonus Promotion that runs from now through Lord British’s birthday on July 4th!

So what we have now are entry level tiers for people who want to jump in and get some row housing, we have “bridge” tiers between Knight, Lord and Baron for people to get even more cool stuff without committing to the next full level. Some new things include extra housing lots, more crafting stations, additional weapons and armor and this crazy idea of community owned towns.

We now have Row Houses which look pretty neat. We have the Knight Marshall and the Lord Marshall as new tiers for those that can’t get to the Baron level. And you can now buy all the keys to all the property lots for a particular town. This means you can stake your claim and build a town with people you want. A very intriguing idea.

And if that weren’t enough the Store now has Stretch Goals, the first being mounts. The other goals include Elves, Boats, Pack Animals and the ability to move structures around on your lot.

I’m not sure where I stand with all this. There is so much to take in. But, on the surface there have been a slew of changes with more rewards at the higher levels and at the lower levels.

Is it time to move up the Tier? Hard to say, but the payment plan does extend to Feb 2015, so it does give quite a bit of time to keep the monthly amount small. It might take a couple of reads to get it all, but it seems I might need a second job just to afford this game.

Who’s with me to buy a Village???

Epic Update of the Avatar #76 – 2014.06.06: R6 Re-Opens, 10% Pledge Bonus, New Pledges & Rewards, Row Lots, Stretch Goal Store!

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