Since the gang at Portalarium will be showing off Shroud of the Avatar at E3 this week, the servers will be up and running and we all get the benefit of playing. Starting today we’ll be able to log in and continue the adventures. Most of the towns have been reset so there will be a new land rush which will be good if you didn’t get a house last time around. I set up a house but to be honest never went back to visit it. I was too involved in playing the quests. I say most towns because Pax Lair hasn’t been reset and will be a showcase of what the community can do. I’m sure they’ll be adding on and crafting all sorts of cool stuff with the extended time we have this week. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, I highly recommend heading over to Valemark and wandering around. I took some screenshots of my visit and they are an impressive group. The city looked amazing especially at night with all the lanterns.

Also, I hear Sindariya is making another maze during the E3 release. The last one was set up in Owl’s Head, but no idea where this one is going to be. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see it, but the screenshot in the Forum looks pretty cool. I’ll have to keep track and find it this time around. You can check out the screenshot and find out where the next one will be in this thread.

There should be quite a bit to see and do this week. I’m pretty excited and will be jumping in as soon as the workday is done.

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