It was a short night in this new world, but a night full of more adventure that I had anticipated. I started off by making my way over to Owl’s Nest where I found a beautiful plot of land I could call my own. There among the large trees and natural rock formations I built a house. It’s a grand structure much like the others in the area. Perhaps if I show some ties and a bit of permanency to this world we might get past “Outlander.”

When I last checked my journal I had spoken to Wycliffe who told me of his missing confederate Norman. With that in mind I made my way over to the bandit caves near my new home. Turns out this is indeed a strange land rife with gigantic spiders. I was cornered on more than one occasion where I was forced to defend myself. These frightening creatures put up quite a fight and make a horrible death rattle when the end comes for them. It seems odd, but I wonder if there is some use for their large carcasses? My skills in that area are weak at best, but maybe Handac in Owl’s Head can help me with that.

I pushed in further and found the hideout of the Red Sash Bandits. It seems this group has built a reputation that now terrorizes the citizens. But I found there is more to this story than meets the eye. I spoke with a woman named Kelly, a former leader of this group that has apparently lost control to a pair of sinister characters called The Wolf and Nestor. Turns out Nestor practices the dark, dark arts of necromancy. Kelly also told me that Norman was indeed imprisoned here and that Nestor would never let him leave. She also asked if I could visit a man named Bodan in Braemar. I don’t know what the connection is, but perhaps if I can be useful I might eventually earn some sway with the people here. I will make that my first port of call this evening.

I ventured deeper into what I believe is a gem mine and stumbled upon Nestor the Necromancer. Despite what he may think, that is not a sinister name. However, at his right hand was The Wolf, an undead creature full of hate and destruction. Nestor revealed that he was a necromancer and was calling upon the undead to build an army – an army he will unleash on Owl’s Head. He also revealed he was part of something called the Obsidian Order. I know not what that means, but I have heard that name mentioned before. It carries a sense of fear.

My conversation with Nestor was full of sinister plans to rule over this land. It appears he has become unstable and mad with all this work with the undead. This character called The Wolf was no better. A mere skeleton risen from the grave spewing vows of destruction to anyone who listens. I have no doubt Nestor is controlling him.

As I looked around this lair for clues of this Obsidian Order I made the mistake of opening a chest that wasn’t a chest at all. To my great surprise it came to life and tried to eat me. I fought back against this bizarre animation which caused a horrible chain reaction. A beast that seemed to be the necromancer’s pet became startled and attacked me as I defended myself against the chest. I in turn had to defend myself against this new threat which enraged Nestor. In the melee and confusion I had to slay both Nestor and The Wolf. This was never part of my plan, but can you really say this world isn’t a better place without this foul necromancer and his evil ways? Have I saved Owl’s Head or have I set something terrible in motion?

Now that the alarm was raised, I had to make a hasty retreat. Several guards tried to block my exit which left me no choice but to end them with steel. In the middle of this fracas I came face to face with Norman, the very reason I came into this den of trouble in the first place. I had no choice but to attack the guards in my attempt to free him and take him to safety. But he, like Myron, refused my help. Why citizen, why? Why do you not come with me when freedom is right around the corner for both of us? He briefly gave me the story of his plight and told me of Nestor the Necromancer, but his news came too late as Nestor was already dead. I urged him to come with me, but he chose to stay and only asked that I tell Wycliffe that he still lived.

Time was of the essence and I ran from this horrible place fighting the Red Sash Bandits along the way. I broke into the daylight and didn’t stop running until I was back at Owl’s Head. I wasted no time in finding Wycliffe to give him news of Norman, but he didn’t seem to understand me. His distrust caused a breakdown in our communication. I’m not even sure he’s really listening to me. I couldn’t convince him that all things considered, Norman was alive and well. I will have to try another approach.

This is not the night I envisioned. The bloodshed, the death. Have I done the right thing in regards to the Necromancer and The Wolf?

This is indeed a cruel place at times. These events will stick with me for some time. Perhaps I can find some peace by helping Kelly.

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