The events of the previous night weighed very heavily on me. I still can’t decide if my actions were justified. Did I help stem the tide of necromancy and the undead or have I simply made things worse? Am I the terrible Outlander these people think me to be? I don’t know if I truly believe in this Dire Prophecy, but what if?

To ease my burden I tried to be of help to the people of Novia. These deeds may be small, but perhaps I can make a difference in my own way. I started my night by heading to Braemar to complete the task Kelly had set upon me. She asked that I find Bodan to let him know she was all right. It was my first visit to Braemar and I have to admit it is a lovely town nestled in the forest although it appears to be burdened with troubles. I found Bodan and he quickly said all was forgiven as far as he and Kelly were concerned. He also told me of the undead that lie just outside the walls of the city. From what I could gather this is the work of Nestor the Necromancer. Apparently, Nestor rose the dead from the grave and they frequently attack the city.

As luck would have it, I also found Halmar, the man Lauren spoke of on my previous visit to Kingsport. He was quite single-minded about the undead and all I could really get out of him was that he felt it his duty to be the protector of the city and to guard against the undead. He hinted that he used to be a guard in his homeland, but now feels compelled to be stationed in Braemar. I suppose I will visit Lauren in Kingsport and at least her know I found Halmar and that he is alive and well.

I also spoke to Jarred who is also quite obsessed with the undead, but feels the end is coming for us all. He used to be part of the Red Sash Bandits and felt their work was quite justified. He left the bandits after Nestor took over. It’s hard to tell if the bandits are helping or harming the people here.

As a note to myself, there were several parcels of land available in Braemar to build a house. It is a nice town, but I wonder how real the danger of the undead is?

I left Braemar and headed back to Owl’s Nest to relay the good wishes of Bodan to Kelly. It didn’t seem to lift her spirits as I had hoped. Oddly, she gave me a dagger that belonged to her father. It was quite a token and seemed rather valuable. While it felt like I did the right thing, the whole adventure didn’t lift my spirits. I found myself heading to the tavern in Owl’s Head to lessen my sorrows.

Once there I spoke with the bartender who sent me over to Lord Enmar. There is a bounty on the heads of both the Red Sash Bandits and the undead. I found Enmar in his office just off the town market. He offered me gold for each red sash I’d taken off the bandits and for some odd reason he wanted the ectoplasm from the undead. What the devil is he going to do with that? Oddly I had collected quite a stash of each item and eagerly sold them to him. He handed me several hundred gold coins and told me to return whenever I had more. He has a standing order to pay for evidence of dispatching the bandits and the undead. This wasn’t at all what I expected, but it did lift my spirits. Collecting money for the men I’ve slain shouldn’t do that, but in this case it did. They are bandits after all. Perhaps I did do the right thing.

With a heavy purse of coins I returned to my home in Owl’s Wash. I watched what I believe to be a shattered moon streak across the night sky. It’s an eerily beautiful sight and I find myself stopping to watch it frequently. I would like to learn the history of this celestial occurrence, but I’m not sure who to talk to. Perhaps one of the men who tends to the Tesla towers I see in Owl’s Head might offer me some local knowledge. Maybe if I help them with one of their chores they might see clear to discuss it with me.

Owl’s Wash feels quite empty. Several citizens have moved in, but there doesn’t appear to be any activity in this small village. I see their home decorations, some quite garish I might add, but I nary see any people. I wonder where they’ve all gone? Are we plagued by the undead?

Tomorrow I will pay a visit to Kingsport and relay the news of Halmar to Lauren. As a matter of fact I need to speak with her of Wycliffe and Norman too. I’m not sure she is aware Norman is alive. After that I might further investigate this situation with the undead. I’m not sure how involved I want to get in these matters, but my curiosity grows. There is also money to be made.

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