I fear my mind may be more shattered than my bones. The damage to my body isn’t as severe as I had been afraid of. I limped into Kingsport and visited Julia to see if she could mend me. She wasted no time to fix a tonic for my ailments. I rested with the Innkeeper, a bowl of his mutton and several mugs of his beer. Julia mixed a few remedies for me take with me and then I was off. Knowing what lies beneath Kingsport makes me uneasy and I would like to put some distance between ourselves.

I managed to reach Lord Enmar to confirm the horrible rumors about Braemar and Ravensmoor. He stood in stunned silence as I told of him my quest into the depths of the ruins. Oddly, I had dozens more of his ectoplasm from all the creatures slain down there. This seemed to please him greatly and he paid me a huge profit. His ever widening smile as he handed over the sacks full of coins made me a little uneasy. Perhaps we are both taking too much pleasure in ridding the lands of the undead.

I now have more money than I can spend. I might be in danger of becoming the wealthiest man in this little town next Enmar himself. I know that at least some of these coins will go to better armor and weapons. I don’t like to admit it, but my mind and heart are full of vengeance against what manner of demon lurks in those catacombs. A wise man would stop here and perhaps live a simple life with the monies he’s made. But I don’t know if I can do that. Whatever that creature is has wounded me greatly. I feel hatred toward it and sympathy for the people of Braemar. I now have a sense of what weighs heavy on their minds. I don’t know what happened to their village, or to Seamus, or Halmar, but if it’s anything like the taste of death I had last night, it needs to be vanquished.

I will rest and I will heal and I will return to that foul place a stronger man.

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