So, with E3 over and Release 7 coming there might be new players that could use a travel guide to help locate some of the points of interest and get their bearings in this new locale. Well fear not, there’s a website for that. Introducing the SotA Travel Guide. Not sure where Owl’s Head is or what you should do there? Not quite sure what PaxLair is? Not sure what Braemar has in store for you? Well, the SotA Travel Guide can help you out. This new site is pulling together information about the towns and varies potins of interest for all play styles. As described by the site itself: is going to be a spoiler-free guide to Novia with a focus on player run towns, events, shops, etc… The idea is to give players an immersive guide to the world that focused not on quests/crafting/NPCs, but rather on the more dynamic elements which a player-run-economy brings. It’s generally modeled after the type of travel guide one might pick up when traveling overseas.

The site is just coming together, but it’s already offering some fun and useful information. I’m really looking forward to the information they’re going to offer especially since I’m sure we’re going to have some vast and varied communities in the game. I already know of a couple of new ones coming online since the Town Deeds went up for sale. Keep this site bookmarked and I’ll be added it to the list of resources you should visit to get the most out of your experiences within the world of Shroud of the Avatar. They’ve got some season veterans behinds the scenes so be sure to pay them a visit.

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