It’s a Shroud of the Avatar Weekend – or rather a Shroud of the Avatar Week if you have the Dev+ Access. I jumped in early to stake my claim to a house, in Port Mirren again and checked out some of the new features of the game. The first thing I noticed are the crazy Horned Devil’s lurking around the place to announce where a new PvP area has been set up. This completely threw me off when I walked into the armor shop and saw what looked to be Satan standing in the corner. There was another down by  the docks in Kingsport. That is one creepy looking tour guide! And what’s the deal with all the cats wandering around? Familiars?

I jumped in and got some quests done so I could build up some cash and get some decent armor. The last time around I spent all my time in rags and got beat up far too often. This time I plan to do a little better.

I haven’t played nearly enough, but I’m going to say that I HATE the new combat system. It absolutely sucks! This random card deck nonsense has to go. The way it worked in Release 7 was so much better. First, it’s utterly confusing and second, I don’t want to wait for random spell to come up in the little tile deck. That’s so damn annoying. I suppose you can make it work the previous way using the “lock” function and the Focus attribute, but damn. They took something that was coming together quite nicely and, at least to me, worked quite effectively and just butchered the hell out of it. Maybe I need to work with it some more to get used to it, but damn, it shouldn’t be this hard or involved. The combat system feels more broken than ever!

I won’t have much time to play this weekend, it’s a work weekend for me, but I would like to try and get more quests completed or at least discovered and spend more time talking to the different NPCs in the game. I want to dig deeper into Braemar and visit several of the towns I’ve skipped over so far. I’m not a big fan of PvP, but curiosity will get the better of me and once I get some decent armor and weapons I want to see what’s going on in this new areas. I have no doubt I will be face down in the dirt in mere seconds, but what else could possibly go wrong?

Here are some screenshots of the houses in Port Mirren and Satan himself standing around on the docks. If you notice in one of them I asked a couple of goofy questions to Lord Enmar just to see what the answer would be. Seems he’s a fan of bacon, has played Ultima once or twice and has heard of Lord British, but says he hasn’t been around in awhile. Of course this make me wonder what other questions I can ask?

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2 Responses to Shroud of the Avatar Release 8 – The PvP Edition

  • annoyed says:

    If this system isn’t drastically changed, the game will fail. This randomised deck nonsense, and the whole idea of deck combat in general for this game is stupid beyond belief. Not fun at all. Wish I would not have put so much money in to backing it now. That they are working on this ridiculous combat system gives me every reason to doubt. So annoyed!

    • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

      I have no doubt the combat system will be enhanced and improved as we move forward. I don’t like it either, but I’m not disappointed with the rest of the game. I still think the quests and other parts are well done. It’s Alpha with a year of development left to go. I put a lot of money into this game as well, but I’m sure the final combat system will be reasonable. I’d prefer it be a bit more like Diablo II rather than this bouncing card deck thing we have. It looks and feels silly. I avoided combat all last release simply because I didn’t want to mess with that. Changes are coming so I guess we’ll see what the next Release brings.

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