Oh my goodness, it’s been a rough time getting into the game and dealing with all the connection problems, but it finally looks like things have leveled out a bit. I’m still getting kicked out every now and again, but I’ve managed to get through the first mini-quest they put in by visiting the locations and talking to the Tour Guides. Actually, this is a neat idea and even though I got a little lost in Ardoris, I managed to find the guide at the two tours and in the Oracle and get my “snazzy” hat. I’m not sure if I really have a use for it, considering you’ll most likely be wearing armor and not a hat that makes you look like one of the Musketeers, but hey, it was still fun.

I actually went back and began to explore Ardoris. That city is impressive! Not only is it quite large, but it has some really neat features. This is the firs time I’ve seen the row houses and I like them quite a bit. It’s another nice port city with some really impressive landscapes and canals. I love the aqueducts and the water mills are awesome.

I managed to find and talk to the Priestess Siri and the Shogun Siranto. There is quite a bit of information there so I’ll need to come back and talk to more people. It’s actually kind of easy to get lost in Ardoris. I know the city is supposed to mirror each other, but it’s take a little bit of getting used to navigate through the houses and get back on the right path.

I found the Oracle, which was pretty cool. The answers are all in riddles, so clearly that’s going to be some tricky business. I also noticed there are a ton of those “watchers” all over the place. They run away as soon as you get close to them. They look like huge spiders this time around. Braemar had a bunch of those as well, but they looked like flying bugs.

So, the game was a pain to get up and running, but now that’s we’ve jumped that hurdle I’m pretty excited over this new city of Ardoris. You should know how to get there from the quest, but if not, head to Kingsport and get on the ferry. Ferry is a bit of an overstatement though. You need to jump in the rowboat that’s next to the smuggler’s warehouse.

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