I’ve spent almost the entire time in Ardoris, looking around and talking to people. My goodness, there is a lot going on in this city.

Certainly there is the Oracle, which everyone says to go talk to. But there is a lot to be learned about Priestess Siri and Shogun Siranto. Ardoris is the city of Harmony, but it looks like the relationship for this couple is anything but. They have become estranged and many people you talk to ask about choosing sides. Uh oh, sounds like factions are brewing amongst the people. Not a good sign.

I talked with Siri who doesn’t trust her husband and talks about a Writ he put together. Apparently he tried to brute force defeat the undead and it didn’t go well. Seems there is some treachery and mistrust. When I talked to Siranto, he is just as mistrusting of his wife as she of him. He speaks of a Ring and the treachery of her secret alliance. Counseling isn’t going to fix this one.

They both talk about Min Liang Tan and that he knows about everything. I finally found him and he says one of them is lying and we need to go some Tower of the Shuttered Eye at the new moon. Ok, I’m in, but where the devil is this tower?

There is also a lot of talk about the Necropolis and Spirit-Talkers. I need to get one of them to be my guide and we need to talk to someone named Thanatos. Almost all of the conversations center around the undead and finding out why they’re so angry and trying to help them. There are a lot of quests in Ardoris too. I’ve got a few lined up already. Now I just need to figure out who I need to talk to and where we need to go from here.

And seriously, where is this tower Min wants me to go to? I don’t see anything in Ardoris that even comes close. I think I’ve walked around this place 3 times already.

Besides the quests, I found there are some other interesting things to buy in the shops. While in Ardoris, I found there are books for sale from some shopkeepers. If you look in the screenshot below you’ll notice chapters from Blade of the Avatar, Cave Fables and Through the Lunar Rift. There was also one called Hearts of New Britannia. This is pretty exciting. It looks like there is some self-publishing going on in New Britannia. I didn’t get a chance to read any of them, but it’s something on my list for Release 11. I’d like to see what people are putting together and then perhaps I might even try something of my own.


Book for sale by the local shopkeeper


I assume this is a picture of Siri. This is an important landmark for Ardoris. Right in this area are the spirit-talkers, Min Liang Tan and the Oracle. When you talk to Siri and Siranto, this is where they will tell you to come. By the way, check out my festive hat!


The temple for the Oracle is just in front. Notice all the eyes looking in every direction.


This is one of the temples in Ardoris,. The two look at each other and you need to visit both. I also noted you need to introduce yourself before some of the advisors will talk to you.


Another shot f the temple. The wall surrounding it is absolutely massive! This place is a fortress and stunning to look at.


I’m not sure who designed this balcony, but haven’t they heard of railings? My god it’s a long way down to the street. From this height I could do some serious injury and quite possibly lose my hat!

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2 Responses to Ardoris holds many secrets – SotA Release 10

  • Bambino says:

    Did you every figure this out? The tower is accessible through Owls Head by using the portal and selecting “veil swamp”. There you will see this massive tower… I just do not know how to trigger the NPC Min Liang Tan to appear as he says he would. What on earth is meant by “the night of the new moon”?

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    I don’t think that part of the quest is hooked up. I did it again in R12 and got the same request to go to the Tower, but it didn’t come across as a true quest. We may need to hold off on this one and try again in R13.

    I think it means to be there when the Shattered Moon you see in the night sky is above you. That is simply a guess, I’m not entirely sure what he’s talking about.

    Moon phases will be added to the game as time goes by, so it might refer to something yet to come.

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