So, it’s been nearly a full day that I’ve gotten to travel around the world of Britannia and almost all my time has been spent in Ardoris. I talked to a lot of people and gathered a huge amount of information, almost all of it centered on the undead and Necropolis. I got the quests from Siri and Siranto, which almost contradict each other due to their mistrust, I talked with Min Liang Tan and we have a date in some tower I can’t seem to find, Samael has somewhat agreed to be my guide and spirit-talker should we go to the Necropolis, but he says I’m not ready and I finished a few of the standard quests in Kingsport and Owl’s Head just to get some money together.

This Release had a terribly rocky start and I was so frustrated on the first day that I nearly gave up. The update took forever, the game constantly crashed and I got disconnected every couple of minutes. But things settled down and yesterday was a good day and today was even better. I barely had any problems with the game and even filed a couple of “bugs” about the quests and some odd behavior with a couple of items. I believe I saw a ghost in one of the shops.

However, once things settled down I had a GREAT time with the quests. I loved wandering around talking to people and looking in each building to see who was there. There is a ton of information about this city and I quickly realized I needed to have a laptop next to me so I could write down notes while I played. I made notes of where people were and how to find them again. It’s going to another month before I’m back in this town and I’ll forget where everyone is. Plus, I wrote down the names of people and towns so I can ask them later to other people I meet. The Journal holds key information for quests, but I think it’s going to be a necessity to write information down separate from that. I had an old Netbook sitting next to me and wrote down all sorts of things as I was walking around. Seems to me that programs like OneNote, EverNote, RightNote or AllMyNotes are perfect for this sort of thing. I think I’m going to load an old version of OneNote on a separate old laptop and keep that next to me. I’ll set the tabs above to be the city names and the different tabs might be quests, places in town or key people.

For example, I made note that there are several key NPCs gathered around the large statue of Siri in the center of town. To the left is Tavern with the Spirit-Talkers, in front of her is Min Liang Tan and to the right is an armory. I also made note that you can buy the Cave Wrasse eggs from these shop for 2 gold, which is one of the quests you get in Kingsport. You can buy one for the Guildmaster and one for the Merchant on the dogs, spend 4 gold and make 900 at the current trading price.

I also wrote down other little tidbits such as things about harmony, Arabella the Half Mad Prophet, that Thanatos is part of the undead quest and that the Necropolis is to the West. I wrote down a slew of notes and really only worked on one set of quests. I’ll have my laptop or netbook set up and ready to go for the next Release. I found some great information and don’t want to lose it.

The quests are really what has me drawn to this game and I got completely wrapped up in them. I admit, I lost of track of time as I walked around talking to as many people as I could find, introduced myself and read all about Ardoris. That was seriously fun. I REALLY hope the final quests are long and complex with multiple parts like they used to be back in the Ultima days. I’m all for picking up one or two things in a city, travelling to the next, then going back to where I started to hand over a piece of information then getting sent off for the next piece. I passed away the entire weekend without a single bit of combat and just focused on talking to people and finding quests. I didn’t really finish any of them in Ardoris, but I had a great time.

Another thing I noticed from the Tour Guide was the PvP Arena. This seems pretty close to one of the ideas I had for PvP – make it a tournament and let people watch. I wrote about that months ago, so it seems the Portalarium team had a similar idea. Cool!

I also grabbed some more screenshots of the town and places I visited. I tell you what, I like the way the game looks. The graphics are just fine for me and have plenty of detail and depth. I also really like the way lights and the torches work at night. The way they cast a glow is pretty sweet!

I was frustrated on Friday morning, but as of today, I just want to keep playing!!


At look at the city of Ardoris from atop the balcony. You can see the other tower off in the distance


Siri has a swanky hot tub in her room, right next to the bed no less. I wonder what goes in here after hours?


After travelling all over Ardoris, I decide to give that hot tub of Siri’s a try. This is pretty sweet! Boy do my feet feel better!


Shogun Siranto has a pretty nice workout room. I think he’s gone a touch overboard with the man-cave idea and all the combat sigils on the wall. But hey, it’s a nice place and he has a hot tub too!


Just taking a break to look out over the sea. Check out the walls of the fortress. I think they have a fear of invaders.


It’s a long walk to those massive iron and wood gates. And strangely, all the guards go by Erin. I wonder if Siranto has a hard time with names?


I found this at the back of the temple – a portal back to Owl’s Head. I didn’t jump in it because I wasn’t ready to leave town yet.


And last but not least, a view of the temple of the Oracle at night, with glowing red eyes that look in all directions. Seems a little ominous no? The light coming from this is pretty cool and the eyes move back and forth watching the citizenry.

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