I was reading the latest Project Update and noticed several interesting news items. The first that caught my attention was the upcoming move to Steam Early Access. SotA got the Green Light a few weeks back and the dev team is hoping to have the game up and available on Steam within the next month or so. That should really help with patching and updating. It should also bring in a lot more players.

In conjunction with this is the hint the game will soon go to longer uptime cycles. Sounds like by the time we hit the end of the year we’ll be able to play for multiple days in a row if not full 24×7. There are lots of issues that only come up when tons of people are playing and servers have a load on them. Other issues like combat and bandwidth can only be seen with multiple people logging in. Sound like this might hit between November and December. This is good news even though the game doesn’t have anywhere near it’s full complement of content. Starr even said players may run out of things to do if the game stays up too long. I’m certainly all for tapping out all the quests and then switching over to player housing if we get more time. I have no doubt community events will pop up all oer the place if people have more than a weekend to play. Look at what they’re doing now!

Also by the end of the year, the backer content will start to become available. That means all the items such as armor, tools and plants should be available to players who paid for them. That would be pretty sweet. This would make for good decorating items, but would also give us plenty of time to work on crafting – something I really want to explore more. I need way more time to get good at crafting and to explore the outside land for resources. I messed with crafting in the early released and although quite impressive, it’s really deep and involved. It took me forever just to make a piece of armor. I was pretty damn pleased with myself when I was done, but it took more than just placing a couple of items in a square and clicking a button like Minecraft.

I’m quite excited about the idea of the game being available for longer periods. Hell, even if they just left it up from Friday of one week to Sunday of the following week (9 days) and then took it down, it would still give us plenty of time to look around, explore, write down quest notes, craft items and actually make use of the houses we bought. Sounds like these updates are right around the corner so that should make for some good fun during the holidays. 🙂

Shroud of the Avatar Update #93

One thing I would like to see is an email or something when the Steam testing comes out. It’s a pain to keep going to the forums and wading through all the fodder that people leave there.

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