So Release 11 is right around the corner and will take place Oct 23-26, Thu-Sun, which is going to be good for me since I don’t have to work weekends anymore. This will give me some time for more exploration. That also coincides with the new Tour Guide idea that SotA is now showing off. There will be a new prize of the Tricorn Hat with Mask just in time for Halloween. It’s merely a novelty item, but oh my goodness there were some pissed of players last time around. I certainly had trouble with the game being stable, but I did manage to grab the hat. It was more just to take the tour than anything else, but it caused people to lose their minds when they didn’t one for themselves. Seems these prizes are a little more sought after than I realized.


The next Tour will take us to a new area, The Swamp and from the pictures it looks creepy, nasty and would probably smell god awful, so a perfect job rendering it. I didn’t go back and check out the featured areas last time so I think I’ll have to go back and check them out this time around. Who knows what you can do in these areas, but I will laugh quite handily if you’re actually able to jump in the water and swim around in this mess. From just the two images they posted, it looks awesome. I’m sure this will be an area to either find some specific reagent or it’ll be a lovely den of death. Or it could be both. You have to run the gauntlet of death in order to get the special reagent.



It’s scenes like this that get me excited to jump in an play! This looks to have the perfect mood for Halloween! Looks like Release 11 is going to be a lot of fun. I’ll definitely check out these new areas a little more closely next time around.

And one time tidbit, there is an ongoing 15% discount to items in the store.

For all new purchases (including pledges, pledge upgrades, add-on items, player owned towns, and stretch goal items) between 12:00 am CST October 10, 2014 and 12:00 am CST December 2, 2014, we will add an additional 15% bonus to your Store Credit!

For example, if you have the $45 Adventurer pledge and really want to upgrade to the $90 Royal Artisan pledge which includes Episodes 2 and 3 as pledge rewards, you would normally pay the extra $45 for the upgrade. But using the 15% bonus you can immediately save $5. To do so, you would first purchase $40 worth of Store Credit Gift Coupons (via PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin, or credit card; excluding existing Store Credit) then use the “Convert to Credits” option on your account page to transform the Store Credit Gift Coupons back into Store Credit. Within 24 hours an additional $6 bonus ($40 x 15%) would be applied to your Store Credit account, bringing it up to $46. You would then use $45 of your Store Credit to upgrade to the $90 Royal Artisan pledge.

It’s a 2 step process, but not that hard by any means. I’m all for a discount and they just released the next set of Prosperity Tools. I have the other two, so I might have to complete my set.

This next Release should be excellent!

SotA Update #94

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