The Release 11 SotA Weekend is coming and from the newsletter there is lots of new stuff to look forward to. One of the big changes will be Shroud of the Avatar on Steam. As you recall, SotA got the Greenlight and will soon be available for purchase on Steam. However, those of us who already have the game can get a Steam key which will allows us to install and update the game from Steam itself. This should be a big help as far as bandwidth is concerned. There are some simple steps to follow (which I still need to do) and then SotA will be added to your Steam catalog. I’m really looking forward to this change.

The Solace Bridge location also sounds very exciting, This will be a new stop off on the Grand Tour for Release 11. This is an area ravaged by war and will change depending on when it’s viewed. It sounds pretty intriguing and quite dangerous. There is also a Lunar Rift located in this area. Definitely sounds worthy of more exploration when the game comes up this next weekend.

There are also some new rewards and add-ons within the store. There is a slew of stuff to choose from, including a new chess board. I don’t know if I would actually use it, but it looks insanely cool!

I’m looking forward to Release 11. I’m getting my notes together so I can remember where I left off. I’m sure everyone is going to jump into the next Grand Tour to add the Tricorn Hat to their collection.

This should be a really fun release!

Shroud of the Avatar Update #95

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