Shroud of the Avatar is up and running and it’s time to take on the Grand Tour to get the Tricorn Hat. This tour is a fair bit harder than the previous one. While the Tour Guide was tucked away, it wasn’t dangerous to go and find him. You had to venture into the city or maybe go down the stairs to find him. This go round he’s actually hidden and you will have to contend with skeletons in at least two of the scenes to meet up with him.

For this Tour, we’re headed to Solace Bridge, the Obsidian Keep, the Kobold War Camp, the Kingsport Sewers, the ruins of Ravensmoor and the Mysterious Swamp.

It’s not too bad to get a couple of them, a jump through the Lunar Rift will get you there, but Ravensmoor, Obsidian Keep and the Mysterious Swamp are a little dangerous.

I went under-equipped to the latter and ended up face down in the dirt due to multiple fireballs and arrows in the backside. Ravensmoor is riddled with skeletons and you have to make a mad dash to the coastline then cut to the left to get to the skull cave. There are lots of enemies in your way so you’re going to need some armor to make it. At least I did. And remember which way you came, I got disoriented and ended up in the wrong place, in a cemetery of all places. Very ominous.

The same is true for the Mysterious Swamp. Plenty of skeletons jumped out at me and there was even a Lich roaming the grounds. This did not bode well for me and while talking to the Tour Guide I was smited right into the ground. I got credit for finding him even though it killed me.

The Obsidian Keep was a little tricky. The Tour Guide is in a courtyard which you access from behind the building. At the gate, take the lower path under the walkway (there is a lantern) and go through the water (moat) behind the castle. Follow the wall and keep working your way up. You’ll see an opening in the wall that leads to a courtyard. The Tour Guide is in a cage, although he does seem quite cheery about his predicament.

Talk to him, but don’t linger too long, there is yet another Lich just behind the wall. I got hit multiple times before I was able to make my escape. I ended up jumping off the wall and hiding behind the rocks until they lost sight of me. I was quite ill-prepared.

After the Grand Tour I did take in some sights and the game is looking awesome. There are more improvements to the overland map, the conversation system has changed to be more personable and one-on-one when talking to NPCs, there was thunder as I was standing around in one of the areas which was very neat to hear and the new scenes are really neat.

Things are really looking good, but I was suckered in to buying Corpse Wax from Thomas in FireLotus Tavern for a cheap price, but Lord Enmar doesn’t recognize I have it. Bit of a waste of money there. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be sneaky.

If you need cash for armor, don’t forget there is 200 gold for helping Morton, another 400 for the Cave Wrasse egg with Erin the Guildmaster and another 500 gold for the Cave Wrasse egg for the vendor right in front of Morton’s house when you go for the ledger. You can always use that some money to get a property deed if that’s your thing and get to some decorating.

Good Luck! And have fun!


Some nice changes to the Overland Map. A lot more detail and you don’t click the city like you used to. Have to click Enter.


Tour Guide in the Obsidian Keep. What the devil did he do to end up there? Although he doesn’t seem all that upset about it.


Watch out for this guy in the Obsidian Keep. I stopped to take his photo and he set me on fire!


Tour Guide in the Kingsport Sewers. What a lovely place to set up shop and meet people.


The entrance to the cave in Ravensmoor. The Tour Guide is just inside and down the stairs. Lots of skeletons between here and the entrance though.


Got a bit turned as I was running away from skeletons. Ended up in the wrong part of town. I hope this wasn’t foreshadowing.


Tour Guide in the Mysterious Swamp. Oh, what’s that behind him?


I found this on the edge of Braemar. It takes you into a tomb where you have to battle some beasts. It didn’t seem like a big deal since there were 3 Stags in there. But all the doors are locked and you have no choice but to attack.

The Stags were replaced by Wolves and the Wolves replaced by Bears. Suffice it to say, Mistake Were Made and I didn’t fair as well against the bears as I would have hoped.


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