I took this weekend to dedicate time to exploring New Britannia and actually building up my character. The goal was to finish up some of the quests as well as investigate some of the new areas I saw in the Grand Tour. Oh my goodness, what fun I had. This game is really coming together!! I’m really excited the game is up and running for longer periods.

On my previous outings I managed to get enough gold coins together to get a decent outfit of armor. However, it doesn’t seem to do a damn bit of good as I can’t go toe to toe with anything. I started off slow and went off to complete The Clink quest. That went well for the first part, but then I hit a snag. I got the quest from Myra, but then decided to take up the quest from Morgan. I lied about the rancid meat to get the buyers discount from him. When I found Myron and tried to come back and tell Myra about what happened, she called me a liar and told me to Begone! Looks like I did those quests in the wrong order.

With that quest bungled, I finished getting Winslow the healing herbs then decided take a few trips through the Lunar Rift. Vertas Pass seemed like a good place to start, but oh my goodness, it turned out to be a bloodbath. Everything seemed relatively quiet until I realized this is a Control Point and the goal is to hold the fort against wave after wave of enemies. Me against the horde? Oh hell no!

But as luck would have it I found a fairly high level player fending off Fighters and Mages. We teamed up and my meager abilities were matched with hers and soon we were holding the line against all manner of creatures. Pretty quickly several more joined our makeshift party and then the battle was on. The air filled with the slash and clang of the longsword, the brutal fate of the battle axe and the crack and power of magical spells. For what seemed like an hour we took on scores of creatures and monsters and soon the battlefield was lined with scorched earth and broken bodies. It seemed like every minute my character went up a new level, although it didn’t seem to make a difference in my abilities. The pace was so furious and savage, my eyes hurt from not having the chance to blink. It was carnage the likes of which I haven’t seen in this game.

I made a retreat to Owl’s Head with the intent to sell off every sword, bow, mace and hammer I gathered. Due to the sheer volume of what I was carrying, I made a small fortune in gold. I went into that battle all but broke and walked away with over 5,000 in gold.

So I jumped 15 levels yet didn’t seem to be any better in combat. I took some time out to try and understand this skill tree. I noticed my Str and Dex were still rock bottom. I finally started to see the link between the skill tree and my abilities. Now keep in mind, the skill tree is a little wonky and some of it seems to be missing. I did manage to make some significant changes and soon I was able to battle and win on my own. I still don’t like the combat or the cards, but after 3 days of messing with it, I at least understand it a bit better. I don’t know if it’s any good, but I put together a small 4 card deck with blade skills and used the other points to increase my Innate abilities. It still needs a lot more study, but sort of coming together. At least I can slay monsters.

I had some coins so now it was time to check out the landscape. I jumped over to Ferig’s Battle Camp and hung out with those guys for a little bit. We beat up some Kobolds, but they weren’t all that interesting to talk to, so I left and went to check out Solace Bridge. Again, not much to see and I wasn’t ready to explore all of it. I did gather a few bundles of cotton while I was out there though.

Next, it was time to head out to the Forests and the Swamps. I went into the Ravenswood Forest to see what it had to offer. This might be part of the quest to find Veimor that Bridget talked about, but he doesn’t appear to be out there. I did find several camps which coincide with the stories Bodan tells. I also managed to pick up some resources like Sulfurous Ash, Serpent Scales, Garlic and Cotton. When the wolves and bears attacked I had no choice but to keep their pelts. Boy, that bear sent me for a loop during our battle.

The swamps were a nasty mess and of course I ran into dozens of skeletons. I also managed to find Iron Ore which I’m sure will be useful in the Crafting process. Besides the Ore, I harvested dozens of spiders for Spider Eye, Spider Leg, Spider Silk and Venom Sack. I have no idea what these are used for, but I have them! I figured out you can loot a spider for the leg and then field dress it for the Eye and Venom Sack.

Again, I had to contend with Skeletons and Kobolds. I’m not great or quick in combat, but I was able to win my battles. I also found a nasty cemetery in that swamp. Everything was covered in several feet of water and that water was slimy and green. There were some strange blue and green orbs dancing around. What the heck are those all about? Am I missing a reagent?

I kept wandering out to different areas and by the time I made it back to town, I had amassed another 5,000 gold from the loot of the enemies I killed. I actually have a pretty hefty purse full of coins right now. I’m not sure if I’m ready to get a house or not. I usually set one up in Port Mirren, but I might worry about that next time. I’m more interesting in exploring and getting better weapons for combat.

Speaking of weapons, while I was out I found a sword stuck in a stone with a beam of light guiding me to it like a beacon. It reminds me of a story, but I forget the name. Oddly, I was able to pull the sword from the stone. I then used it to bash a few more Skeletons and Kobolds.

I think I’m just starting to get the hang of the game and wrote down a lot of new notes in my OneNote Journal. I started to keep track of where I find resources and reagents and which monsters are in different areas. Having OneNote open on my laptop next to me is working out extremely well.

I’m still having trouble with the Veimor quest. Where is this guy? I found the camps Bodan was talking about, but there’s not a soul in any of the places I’ve been to. It’s nothing but the undead and Kobolds. I did stock up on the Corpse Wax, but I’m keeping that.

Things I still need to find:
Where can you harvest Nightshade?
Where can you find Black Pearl?
Where is the Silver Ore?
Where can you find the Mandrake Root?

Once I get this sorted out, I’ll be quite happy with my adventuring skills.


Found this little site in the Ravenwood Forest. I wonder what it means?


It’s a lovely little creek, you know, except for the bear. I wonder if this means there are salmon around?


Nice creek, and more bears. This land is a dangerous one.


This was not a good sign. I thought these glowing orbs were pretty, until I figured out what they are. Yeah, that’s the glowing body of a spider. Dozens of them.


Worst campsite ever!!!


I found another sword stuck in the stone. What does this mean?


I noticed there are two new symbols on the screen. On the right is a sword and shield in a circle. Does this mean they have magical abilities or they need to be repaired? How do you repair weapons in SotA?


I don’t think this was the best place to be on Halloween night. And what are those blue orbs circling around on the left?

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