I was feeling quite adventurous so I scouted a few new locations trying to map out what was available. I moved up the road from Braemar and the Ravenswood Forest to Kingsport and Valeway North. I found a couple areas to harvest cotton, pelts and some iron ore. No monsters lurking in the shadows of this place, so it’s safe to look around. Still might get mauled by a bear if I’m not careful.

I then worked my way over to Owl’s Nest and found some more resources out there. A bit of Iron Ore and one vein of Silver Ore. I’m not sure what to do with all the Spider Legs, Venom Sacks and Spider Eyes, but when the time comes I will be prepared.

I then took a side trip to the Graff Gem Mine to see if I could increase my gold reserves by pulling some gems out of the ground. Oh my goodness, I don’t remember there being so many crystals in this place. I dispatched a couple of the Kobolds that guarded the place then sized up the Satyr and was able to take him down. 1800 Experience Points for slaying him!

I remember the mines being a lot smaller, but then again, I may have been on the run for my life! I worked my way down and found several false walls. One lead me into a huge cavern full of gems. There were dozens of Green and Orange gems. I harvested every last one of them. It took quite awhile, but since I took care of the monsters before coming down here, I was undisturbed. Funny thing is, if you harvest the crystal and then wait a little while, they grow back. By the time I finished making my way around the cavern, the first crystals were ready to harvest again.

I turned a handsome profit from that work. The weapons I nabbed from battle were worth several hundred gold and gems were worth a few thousand. You have to wonder though, which is the better return on investment? Is it better to bash Skeletons, Kobolds and Elves and sell off their weapons or go hunting for gems and sell those off? The gems are less dangerous, sort of, but the weapons are nothing to sneeze at. What’s the better economy here?

For the final leg on my journey, I went back to the Obsidian Keep. During the Grand Tour, I popped in just long enough to find the Guide and then I ran like the devil. Now I know why.  Feeling a little more combat hardened, I ventured into the camp a little further and saw the Lich floating around with his Skeleton Archers standing guard in the corners. I lured the Skeletons out then went for the big kill. Big mistake.

I think that Lich tried to drink my soul! Everything went dark as he grabbed ahold of me and rendered me lifeless for a few seconds. He then whispered something to the effect of me tasting good. Egad!!

I tried as hard as I could, but I barely made a dent. I managed to make a retreat before everything went permanently dark. I will have to rework my combat skills to try and incorporate some long ranged attacks. Fireballs sound like a good idea. I need to stay away from that guy.

My cash reserves are doing exceedingly well, at least in my opinion. And I’m gathering a lot of useful information for future reference. Just need a little more combat savvy and I might not completely suck at this game.


The walls are alive with the sound of money!

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2 Responses to Harvesting Resources and Mining Gems in Shroud of the Avatar Release 11

  • Dan Porter says:

    Nice post sir! I really enjoyed reading it…I am a backer too, but have not had the opportunity to play that much lately. So, as a result I am just starting to learn the game like you. I am currently playing release 12, so hopefully I can still find the areas you mentioned.

    Thanks again!

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    Welcome Dan! Release 12 has been great in my opinion. I completed all the quests I could find which gave me quite a bit of XP and quite a few gold coins. Morgan in Owl’s Head is always a good place to start for quests and there are several others out there. Erin and Harry in Kingsport can help you out as well.

    Valeway North and Valeway South are good places for resources and if you’re looking for wood, Greymark Forest has plenty, just stay alert for all the Elf Fighters out there.

    I hope you’re enjoying the game! Time to get ready for Release 13!

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