I’ve been searching for Veimor for the past couple of releases and today he finally revealed himself! You get the quest to find Veimor from Bridget who’s in one of the buildings in Braemar. She talks about her husband, Veimor who went missing while out hunting the undead. Bodan knows a little about the story, but the best they can do is point you toward Owl’s Head.

Well, I checked every forest between Braemar and Owl’s Head and never found the guy. I found Skeletons, Bears, Elf Fighters and a slew of other nasty things that wanted to cause me harm, but no Veimor. I’d pretty much given up on this quest when I decided to go scouting in the Greymark Forest. It’s the only place he could be.

I’d already been to this area before, but I decided to give it a more thorough look. I talked with Bridget in Braemar again and she said the forest just outside of Owl’s Head. This has to place. But there’s nothing but Skeletons!

Apparently Veimor has gone native. If you head down the path you’ll see a smashed up cart with three Skeletons around it. Smite these guys then head North towards the plumes of smoke you see in the distance. You’ll come to a river which you need to cross. Head up the hills and Veimor is hanging out under a large tree! He’s all casual about his situation and will get back to Bridget when he gets the means to return. No matter what I said, he didn’t want to come with me. Seems he likes the open plains peppered with the Undead.

But there he is! This may sound cheesy, but this is a major accomplishment for me. I’ve been looking for Veimor for the past 3 Releases and finally stumbled upon him. To be honest, this is why I like this game. Finding him wasn’t obvious. There wasn’t an arrow pointing the way. He’s not right at the entrance. You have to venture out and explore with the hope you might be in the right place.

With Veimor found, I’ll head back to Braemar to let Bridget know then most likely venture over to Ardoris to pick where I left off. I started to gather a lot of information from the locals such as the Spirit Talkers, the Necropolis and the rift between Siri and Siranto. There’s a lot more to that story to discover.

But an excellent sense of accomplishment and now off to find my next adventure!


Look there he is! Waldo’s estranged brother has been found! I like the view, but we have to something about all your skeleton neighbors…


Looks like there is a camp off in the distance. I wonder if this is where they were ambushed?


Oh, a treasure chest! Out here, in the middle of nowhere? I wonder what goodies it has for me?


A closer look at the campsite. Might be the one Bodan talked about.

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