With my new Veimor quest completed, I went to Bridget to tell her the good news. Oddly, she didn’t seem all that excited. It was more of a “oh good, he’ll be back soon, better sweep the dirt floors of this shanty before he comes home.” Alright then. We’ll, I’m not in it for the glory.

But since I was down Braemar way, I took a side trip to visit the Moors of Southshire. I don’t recall going to place before and wanted to have a little look around. Oddly, it seems identical to Owl’s Nest and the road to the Red Sash Bandits. Quite honestly, I was expecting another cave, but instead came upon a small campsite with a scout troop of Skeletons. I will say, they attacked me first and I had to defend myself. I let loose with some bone crunching power and ruined their outdoor adventure. I also took some time out to mine some more Iron Ore. And what kind of Britannia is it anyway where you can stop off and harvest a few resources without some ugly ass spider coming along to spit venom all over you? That’s just rude!

I did see some massive statues, which I believe are dedicated to the old Obsidian Order. I’m not completely up to date on my Britannia lore, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean.

When I didn’t find anything else of note, I went back over to Ravensmoor and down into the Ruins of Ravensmoor. Seriously, the Tour Guide needs to find a better place to hang out. I’m no real estate agent, but I don’t think the land value is this place is going to increase – even if you do get rid of the undead neighbors.

But I made good progress until I hit the Lich Fighter. Dammit, what does it take to defeat this guy? He too unleashed his soul sucking abilities and within a couple of minutes I was running scared with fireballs toasting my backside. Clearly my battle strategy needs work and so do my combat skills. I thought the combat deck was starting to make sense, but it would seem I was wrong. Going to have to deal myself a new hand.

Any tips on what makes a good combat deck? I suppose I could watch hours of Yu-Gi-Oh, but I’m looking for a few shortcuts.

To try and save face, I went over to the Kingsport Sewers to see what sort of damage I could cause. I gave the Tour Guide a high five as I passed him by, then went down to harass the local skeletons. Turned out to be easier than I thought and I soon found the treasure chest in the main chamber. A little disappointing though, my armor seems better than the loot armor. How did that happen? I will say that all this combat has done quite a bit for my level, I’m now at Level 35. No idea if that’s good or bad, but it’s not too bad a showing for me.

In looking around the sewers I did find a couple of trap doors and teleported over to the Dragon’s Cave. Well that’s a nice shortcut, but I already stole the Wrasse Eggs I need. I wonder if I can sell those off to anyone else? Or better yet, anyone try to make an omelet out of these rascals?

Next time I’m off to Ardoris. I think I’ve done as much damage as I can on the mainland. I need to find this Necropolis that everyone keeps talking about. Seems like a fun place to visit. Not ready to build a resort home in there, but it sounds like it could be fun to look around.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, I need to find another quest to complete.


Well, doesn’t this look a little ominous.


Why does he have to keep staring at me with those red, lifeless eyes?

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