Time is starting to run out for this Release so I squeezed in a few more adventures before everything resets. Once you talk with Laura in the Smuggler Warehouse you can get some more information out of Wycliffe. After you rescue Norton or at least prove he’s alive, Wycliffe actually reveals a plan to defeat the Lich in Ravensmoor. It takes a bit of persuading but he finally offers a bit of trust. Of course, defeating the Lich on my own isn’t going to happen. That guy squeezes my head and tries to suck out my soul. Ok sure, I’m trying to hack at him with my sword, but drinking a man’s soul?

But as pure, dumb luck would have it I managed to hook up with a couple of players who had Lich BBQ on their minds. We actually met each other in the Sewers of Kingsport (not really my first thought on locales to meet people) and we ended up going to the Crypt in Ravensmoor. There are a couple of trap doors that take you to different places down there. Well, with our combined efforts we took down the Lich, got some loot and I stole the Throne of Bone. It was a might victory no matter how you slice it.

After that I went back to Wycliffe and he sent me over to Ardoris to talk to the Oracle and to wait for them to fix and stabilize the portal. Hmm, the plot thickens with these characters.

Anyway, over in Ardoris I found Ming Tan and got the quest of the Tower of the Shuttered Eye all set up. However, if you watched the Pen of the Avatar, that’s the quest Stephen was working on. He was designing that very tower! I clearly can’t finish that yet so I milled about town just to see what I could find.

I found there are quite a few Row Houses for sale and if you listen carefully to the citizens, they talk about the poor widow that was thrown out of her house. If you talk to Beatrice, she confirms the woman was behind on her rent and had to be evicted. Hmm, I wonder if I can help? Turns out I can. I found this woman, Ellery and she asked for money to pay her rent and get her house back. The going price was 500 gold, which is pretty steep. But, I had plenty of gold to spare and gave her the coins so she could get her life back together. There really is no reward for this quest, at least not yet, but hopefully it appeases the Oracle. I checked in with the Oracle and found out I might not be on the most righteous path so every little bit helps.

There is also the quest to help the Guildmaster and her brother the Hunter. Seems wants to go help with the fight against the undead, but he’s torn over leaving and staying by the side of his sister. I did my part as the go-between and then it was time to move on.

I paid a visit to Khasi (the princess formerly known as Siri) and Siranto to see what they can offer. Pintar is ready to go defeat the undead, but when I talk to the spirit-talkers, they say the guards are blocking the gate. I wonder what this means? It appears I haven’t finished this part of the Necropolis isn’t qute ready for visitors. I’ll be sure to pick up this quest for Release 12.

After a lot of back and forth and logging all sorts of details it was time to get to the business of all out carnage. I met up with a ragtag band and off to Vertas we went. The fireballs flew with great accuracy and the air was fill with the clashing steel. So far I have worked my way up to Level 38. That really doesn’t mean anything except for the addition of skill points, but it’s a pretty good accomplishment. I also discovered there is a chest hidden behind the building across from the control point. How interesting!

Again, lots of loot that I turned into cash. I will say, people I’ve stopped to talk to have been incredibly nice and welcoming. I’ve been invited on many quests and to join in for several epic battles. I’ve also had a few people come to my rescue with healing and to jump in fray when surrounded. That’s pretty spectacular.

I’m not sure what’s left to do for the remaining days until the game resets so I’m planning my strategy on how to grab enough gold so I can set up a house in Kingsport for Release 12. I think I’m ready for a house this next go round. I need to jump in a lot sooner before all the lots are gone. People already seem to have their ideal locations picked out. Being on Steam should make that much easier since the major issue I’ve faced has been the slow download speeds and the time wasted on failed updates. That should all be behind us.

Maybe I will spend these last couple days looking for reagents just so I can get the hang of it. Seems I need to be out in the swamps under the moon for that to work. I’m trying to figure out where to get oysters so I can get Black Pearls. Anyone got any clues for me?

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