I previously made a few comments about some of the tools I use to catalog my adventures in SotA. And it’s becoming very handy. My choice is to use OneNote because it allows multiple tabs – which I use for each Town – and it uses Pages  – which I use to write down general information and quest details. But OneNote isn’t the only tool out there. In fact there are two other great programs that I highly recommend and by luck, they’re on sale. Perfect timing! Release 12 is right around the corner.

Tools like these are perfect for a game like Shroud of the Avatar. You can catalog resources, make note of where people are located, log quests, recipes, people’s name, where they put their house, which lever you need to pull while in The Clink, where the Treasure Chests are hidden, which chests have the best loot and what the next step in your journey will be. You can also paste images so you can remember what something looks like.

First up is AllMyNotes Organizer. A very simple to use Editor that allows for multiple folders and multiple notes under each folder. You can quickly build a hierarchy for each Town and then multiple entries related to resources and quests. It looks a lot like a file manager, but it’s all about the text. It also has a very small memory footprint so it’ll work on that old laptop you have lying around. Great to have next to you while adventuring away. Use the Coupon Code INDIA71 to get a massive 71% discount and get the full version for $9.86. It’s well worth it!

If you want something that more closely resembles OneNote, then head on over to Bauerapps.com and pick up a copy of RightNote. This is also a fantastic program for cataloging information and organizing all the details about your quests. Like OneNote it has tabs across the top and uses pages going down the side. It also supports screenshots so you can document what’s going on. Just in time for Release 12, RightNote is on sale for 50% off. It also has a small memory footprint which makes it great for laptops and other machines. The Coupon Code should be on the main page, but just in case something goes sideways use – NOV-WK1D-SALE

One big advantage to AllMyNotes and RightNote is that they store all their information in one centralized DB file. OneNote uses a separate file for each new “Section” you make. While this is no big deal, it does make it a little tougher to share your notes. You have to make sure you grab each one. On the other hand, AllMyNotes and RightNote use a single file which you can hand over. While they don’t technically support sharing, it’s easy to have two files open at the same time and copy information between them. Not quite as cool as the Sota Wiki, but darn handy between friends if needed.

Anyway, both are on sale and will serve you well in your adventures. Also, both programs come with a free version that doesn’t expire. The features are somewhat limited, such as pasting screenshots and formatting, but they will still work as a game journal. I really recommend grabbing one. Not only are they great for SotA, they work well in the business world as well. I personally have been using AllMyNotes and OneNote in my daily routine for over a year now. Can’t think of doing my job without them.

Release 12 is coming. More quests will be included. It’s time to write it all down so you don’t get lost!

AllMyNotes Organizer


A generic shot of RightNote and how it can organize data in a hierarchy


A quick sample of how I would put things together for SotA inside AllMyNotes Organizer.

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