You would think with Halmar on duty a place like this wouldn’t exist mere yards from his outpost. Well, Braemar has a nasty little secret dwelling in the cemetery to the West of town. A mausoleum that contains all sorts of nasty beasts. I threw caution to the wind and decided to try my hand at the wicked gauntlet of death. And oh my, what a mess.

It seems simple at first – defeat a couple of stags. Seems rather cruel, but the doors won’t open unless they’re dispatched. Then comes the wolves, the bears and skeletons. After that is a Lich, which I am thrilled to say, I defeated all on my own. I changed up my deck and with the help of a healing potion I was able to stand my ground and send him into the Ether.

But that wasn’t the end. Oh no. I then had to defeat Chest and Barrel Mimics in order to open the doors to the sewers. What the devil kind of place is this? Come on Halmar, you can do better work than this!

I was immediately surrounded by Slime and I tell you what, those things take forever to defeat! You slice and dice and they just split into mini versions of themselves and keep biting at your ankles. The slime gave way to more Skeletons that quite literally surrounded me and pierced me handily with their arrows.

Alas, I didn’t give myself the appropriate time to recover before taking on the next wave and soon found myself face down in the toxic sludge of the sewers.

But I will have my revenge! There will be justice! By the power of Amber Raine!! (a good thunderclap would be perfect right about now)

I see the error of my ways and will give the gauntlet another try as soon as time permits. But seriously, how can Halmar sit there and talk about defeating the undead and turning the tide when he’s got this little nest of devilry growing in his back yard?

He did say that since the defeat of the Lich in Ravensmoor that he and his group, Wycliffe and Lauren are making preparations to jump back through the portal. Hmm, I wonder what they’re cooking up? Seems they may be cause of all the undead, not my presence here.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. I did defeat my first Lich, so let’s put that notch in the bedpost shall we? I got healing potions into my deck and increased the size to 7 slots and reached Level 40. I’m doing really well in a game that is about to reset my ass to oblivion in a week. Might as well do as much as I can do I can do it all over again. Actually, great learning experience.

How’s everyone else doing with this Release? Since it’s been up an extra couple of weeks, hopefully everyone is making big strides in their character and abilities.

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