I’m sure you’ve seen it go scrolling by in the chat window, but in the heat of battle as the fireballs rain down and the arrows take flight, it’s hard to remember just what sort of experience you’re getting as the enemies lay at your feet. Well, as luck would have it, a list has been put together and posted to the forums. Here is the R11 Compendium of Experience. I’m sure as we move forward all of these numbers will be adjusted, but it’s fun to see what the different characters are worth.

If you want get XP quickly, see if you can round up some players and head to the Vertas Pass. On a solo mission you can wrestle some bears, attack some wolves, poke holes in a few spiders and head to the Graff Gem Mines to take on some Kobolds and Satyr. That should help you move up the ladder.

1 Watcher
1 Rabbit
5 Stag
10 Kelly Hayward
10 Blackpond
10 Bandit, Red Sash
10 Nestor, The Dark Necromancer
10 Villager
10 Guard
18 Spider, Small Wolf
35 Spider, Wolf
35 Wolf, Grey
53 Bear, Brown
53 Skeleton
75 Spider, Small Brown
100 Spider, Large Wolf
100 Wolf, Large Grey
100 Kobold, Fighter
100 Slime, Small
125 Bear, Large Brown
150 Kobold, Fighter (Neutral)
150 Stag
250 Slime, Medium
250 Wrasse, Cave
250 Spider, Giant (Hairy)
250 Spider, Small Red
300 The Wolf
300 Skeleton, Footman
300 Spider Brown
300 Skeleton, Mage
300 Skeleton, Archer
300 Wolf, Timber
350 Bear, Grizzly
350 Wolf
350 Bear
350 Spider, Giant (Glowy)
400 Hkk,rkk,rkk
400 Kobold
400 Spider, Large Brown
400 Kobold, Fighter
450 Slime, Large
450 Spider, Giant (Nude)
600 Elemental, Fire
800 Kobold, Archer
800 Kobold, Fighter
800 Skeleton, Mage
800 Elf, Mage
800 Elf, Archer
800 Elf, Fighter
800 Wolf, Large Timber
900 Bear, Large Grizzly
1000 Spider, Red
1000 Wolf, Elder
1200 Mimic, Barrel
1200 Mimic, Chest
1100 Bear, Patriarch
1500 Elf, Mage
1800 Spider, Large Red
1800 Wolf, Obsidian
1800 Satyr, Mage
1800 Satyr, Fighter
1800 Lich, Fighter
1800 Lich, Archer
1800 Lich, Mage
2250 Bear, Obsidian
3000 Ras’al’horag, Undead Lord

R11 Compendium of Experience

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