So who knew that Owl’s Head had it’s own set of sewers? Well ok, structurally speaking it makes sense that Owl’s Head and all the other towns have a sewer system, I mean it has to go somewhere, right? But who knew you could climb on down there and have a peek around. Of course, now that I’ve been done there, I don’t think I’m better for the journey.

It’s quite the putrid hovel infested with huge spiders and skeleton fighters. What the devil could they be protecting down there? Well, I suppose it could be the massive eggs tucked away in the corners. And they’re ready to hatch as I found out as I wandered the room with torch in hand. All I’m trying to do is look for a door and then splat, an egg explodes and there’s a spider in my face. Then I have to kill the nasty devils.

There wasn’t much to find down there. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it does seem the people of Owl’s Head are some nasty devils and it wouldn’t kill them to change their diet. Do they know what’s lurking right under their city?

Like I said, I didn’t even know this area existed until I saw a forum post that made a passing reference to it. It’ll probably have more importance in future releases. If you haven’t been down there, as you cross the main bridge into Owl’s Head, look to the right and you’ll see an iron gate and a ladder. There ya go. Have fun!

It’s not a grand discovery, but I didn’t know it was there.


There are some nasty little devils tucked away in the sewers of Owl’s Head. Not to worry good citizens, I took care of them


The sun on the horizon in Owl’s Head. Looks pretty good doesn’t it?

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