With the game winding down before the next reset, I took a side trip over to the Battle of Solace Bridge. I normally stay away from the PvP areas, but I figured things were calm enough that I would be able to walk around without getting slaughtered. I was right, but oh my goodness, what a smoldering inferno this place turned out to be.

The ground still burned hot from the ravages of war and the destruction can be seen in all directions. Even the bridge is lined with the broken bodies, lives lost in battle. The fact it was void of life made it all the more eerie.

There’s been a lot of talk about this place and the damage done, but seeing it first hand is another matter entirely.

I ventured in further only to discover more devastation with houses fully engulfed in flame. It’s impossible to tell how many lives would have been lost here. But you can easily calculation the destruction. Total and complete.

What a terrible place. With nothing left to do or save, I quickly took my leave. I don’t know that I ever want to return. But battle still rages here and perhaps it always will.


The first images you see left behind from the Battle of Solace Bridge as you exit the portal


I fell into a burning ring of fire. I went down, down, down and the flames went higher.


Causalities strewn in every direction


Total destruction as a house is engulfed in flames


But how odd that something so peaceful and tranquil can exist right next to such carnage

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