image As you may have noticed Release 11 has just come to an end. Release 12 is right around the corner – 6 days – and a new set of quests and adventures awaits. While there is no information on where the Grand Tour Quest will take us, the reward will be another hat to add to the collection. This time around it will be the Pilgrim’s Hat.

Now you be inclined to ask, what is Thanksgiving doing in Shroud of the Avatar and New Britannia? I’m sure we’re not the only Realm that gives thanks for the bounty of the harvest. The people of New Britannia certainly follow the phases of the moon and farm their own resources so it’s just a lucky coincidence that their day of thanks coincides with the one we’re familiar with. That’s so gosh darned convenient!

But the countdown is on! We have 6 days until Release 12 and a new series of quests. And you have 18 days to get the 15% Black Friday discount in the SotA store. I took advantage of this just the other day to get the 4-Pack of Prosperity Tools. Once the game is up and running I plan to do some real crafting and I need all the help I can get with making them better. Items are starting to disappear out of the store (finally) so now’s a good time to grab something before it disappears.

I’m very excited for the next release, especially the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. I’ll have to bulk up and get some real armor before I make that trek, but I’m looking forward to all the new additions of the next release. And hopefully, I’ll add another hat to my collection. Of course I’d rather have a kick-ass set of armor or a sack full of gold coins, but the hat will be nice nonetheless.

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