I’m pretty excited about this and thought I would share. Today marks a jump to the next Tier in Shroud of the Avatar. During the Kickstarter Project, in all of the excitement, I jumped several levels and finally said, “you know, this is good, I like this.”

I resisted the payment plan when it came out feeling I had everything I needed. But then new rewards were added, and I felt the call to move up a little higher still. The wicked mistress of temptation got the better of me and I signed on.

Then the 15% Black Friday discount came along and I saw a chance to save money and get the next Tier all locked in before Release 12 next week. What could be better than that?

So I’ve now upgraded as far as I can go – within all reason and sanity, but I’m pretty damn excited. I’m ready to get started on housing for this next release. I’ve put up  houses before, but never did anything with them because I was too busy trying to cram in as much of the game as possible. Now that we have extended up time, I’d like to experiment with housing and decorating. I’ve seen what other people have been able to put together (which has been pretty amazing) and I want to try it out for myself. I won’t make anything near that good (I have no eye for color), but I’m sure I can get some help from the folks over in Paxlair.

This is a pretty big milestone for me. Yes, it gives more money to the game, but it also gives me a ton of items to work with when the game finally comes out.

Here’s the funny thing, when SotA first came out, my main motivation for a pledge level was simply to get my name on a headstone in the game. I thought would be so damn cool and amusing.

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