With Release 11 over and it being the first extended play release and the first attempt at installing from Steam, I thought I would put down some of my impressions of how things went.

On a high note, I think this was the most stable Release we’ve had so far. Previous Releases have been plagued with installation/patching problems and then a fair amount of stability issues. At least this has been my experience. However, I had a fraction of the crashes and was able to play for multiple hours without any issues. That part alone was pretty damn amazing.  I think one of the true tests was being locked in battle in Vertas Pass for well over an hour without experiencing any issues. Nothing worse than crashing out in the heat of battle.

The quests are coming along nicely although I think we may have hit the wall as far as available content goes. I didn’t talk to every person in the game, but I talked to plenty of them and ultimately ran out of things to do. I think the most satisfying was finding that damned Veimor! He’s eluded me for every release but I finally found him!

I got to travel all over the Vale and ended up in The Clink, down in the Sewers, over in Ardoris, the Obsidian Keep, the Vertas Pass, the Graff Gem Mines, Backblade Pass, the Mysterious Swamp, Ravenswood Forests and just about everything inbetween. Like I said, I sort of ran out of Quests, but there was still plenty to do and explore. I should have done some crafting since I had resources, but I didn’t get around to it.

The first pass at “leveling” was pretty good. It gave me a chance to really try out Combat. To be blunt, I still don’t like it. I think some parts are good, but overall it still needs attention. But this doesn’t come as a surprise, even the devs admit it needs more tuning and adjustment.

I finally started to get the hang of it, but the rotating glyph system is annoying to say the least. It’s not too bad when they’re locked, but the severe penalty for that just doesn’t make sense. Seems like it should be a penalty to keep switching to the next skill or spell rather than doing the same one over and over again. I think the Glyphs and Combat will work once some changes are worked in.

But with a locked deck and some skill in Str, Dex and Combat attributes, it worked fairly well. It’s still a lot of back and forth taking swings at each other, but it’s massive progression from a few months ago. And I have no doubt, the combat we see in 6 months will be leaps and bounds beyond where we are today.

Combat was really the only negative of the game, but not enough to be a severe hindrance. It was a lot of fun to get in and play. As I mentioned, I made tons of notes so I should hit the ground running for Release 12.

Overall it was really good. Lots of stability, lots of quests, lots of adventures and more combat than you could probably handle. This was a great release and I fully expect 12 will be just as good if not better. We have another Grand Tour coming, the Tower of the Shuttered Eye and several new scenes. Exciting stuff!



Just a sample of the new scenes that we’ll get to explore in Release 12.

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