image Release 12 is up and running and we have all new places to visit. This time around it’s Valeway North, Valeway South, Solace Bridge, Greymark Forest and two locations in the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. And I have to say, you’re going to need some armor pretty quick to make it through this Tour. It’s not just a matter of jumping into the scene, saying hi and jumping back out through the gate. Oh no. The Tour Guides are nestled in their respective areas and wouldn’t you know it, they’re surrounded by creatures out to do you harm. I was slain by a series of stupid little spiders as soon as I got to the guide in Valeway North. Considering it takes every bit of strength to take down one skeleton, this is going to be a long road.

I’ve managed to find 3 of the Guides so far (I was able to get in a small amount of gameplay before coming in to work). I finally found them all.

Tour Guide Locations:

The first guide you need to talk to is in Braemar right next to all the Merchants.

The next guide is in Valeway South which is just outside Braemar. Head down the left path and then start looking off to the left in the field. He will be standing off the path and was surrounded by spiders when I got there.

There is a guide in Valeway North which is just before you get to Owl’s Head. This time he’s off to the right. Get on the path and weave between all the wolves and you’ll find him.

There are 2 Guides located in the Veiled Swamp which you get to through the Lunar Rift in Owl’s Head. This area has plenty of skeletons so be prepared to run the gauntlet. Go straight and head toward the building in front of you. This is the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. Turn to the left and move along to the side of the building. Keep going straight and leave the building behind you. There is a sort of footpath here with slime monsters blocking the way. In the distance and up the path are some buildings. The Tour Guide is up the path and inside the little shack.

The Second Guide is inside the Tower itself. Open the front door and get ready for onslaught. There are literally hundreds of skeletons between you and the Guide. Climb up all the stairs, past the Skeletons, the Fighters and even the Lich. Yes, there is a Lich in here because some asshat thought it would be funny to completely overload this Tower for the Tour (this was a glitch bug and has since been corrected). Keep going up adn the Guide is in the small room in front of you. Be wary, the Skeletons and every other thing you ran past are going to keep chasing you. Talk to the Guide for just an instant until the visit is recorded, then run like hell out of there. You will need armor for this or you’ll be mincemeat.

This was originally a spawn bug which explains why so many skeletons were out there. It’s been corrected now though. A Lich is still at the top and it along with the skeletons will still chase you up the stairs. It’s a tricky area, but can be done if you stay on your toes.

Greymark Forest is the forest to the right before you get to Owl’s Head. The Guide is out to the North. Head down the path where you see the skeletons and overturned cart. You will need to cross over the river and then start looking up on some of the hills. The Tour Guide can be hard to see sometimes, but he’s hiding out under one of the large trees.

There is a guide for Solace Bridge that is easy to find. Go to Owl’s Head and go through the portal. Cross over the bridge and open the gate. The Guide is just inside.

I desperately need some armor. There is no way I’ll be able to actually get into the Tower of the Shuttered Eye without it.

Another thing to note is that several goals couldn’t be met for Release 12. One disappointing feature is getting our pledges tied to our accounts. I was looking forward to that, but not this time around. Also, houses and deeds cost a lot more this time around with about 20k for deeds and 20k for houses at the starter level. This certainly raises the bar for entry which is a good thing. My plans for a house may have just been dashed however. I’ve already seen a couple people claim plots in Owl’s Head so I’m already behind the curve. Also, a couple of the scenes had to be held off. Curse the bad luck. No visiting the Necropolis this time around.

It’s a rocky and slow start, but things can only get better right? Before I do anything else, a usable set of armor is in order. My few minutes in the Veiled Swamp left me looking like a pincushion. Not a good a start as a stalwart adventurer.

Good Luck out there!

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2 Responses to Shroud of the Avatar Release 12 Grand Tour

  • Andy says:

    the guided tour guide for release 12 is hiding in a hut to the west of the tower itself. instead of heading straight ahead to enter the tower take a left turn and head towards the west wood wall. then head northwards until you see what looks like a mineshaft enter it to find the hut with the second guide.

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    Yes, thanks for the clarification Andy. The Tour Guide is off the beaten path and is hiding in that hut. I have visited him a couple of times and have been meaning to update where he was.

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