The out of control monster density was in fact a bug in the initial Release 12. Seems the game engine would spawn and spawn and spawn nearly endlessly which accounts for the gauntlet on the run up the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. It’s been taken care of and while there are still plenty of evil-doers to contend with on the way up the tower, it’s much easier to handle now. I actually went up multiple times with different players to find the Tour Guide. With sword and shield, I fended them off quite nicely.

With that issue fixed, gameplay is much better and much more enjoyable. I completed several quests including doing The Clink quest correctly for the first time. No, I did not smite Myron, sadly, I left him there in his gilded cage with a bear taunting him from below. I just couldn’t bring myself to fulfill his request. Nice reward from Myra which got the ball rolling on some nice armor. I went out into the Greymark Forest to do battle with all the Elves out there. I also went around to help people find and get to the Tour Guide. I’m really impressed with how helpful people are. I got invited to several party groups and we went all over the place. I found a pretty decent sword out there in the Forest and used that to hold my own against most foes. Even had a good time back in the Vertas Pass with a big group.

I also noticed the landscape has changed for several areas. South Ravenswood looks quite a bit different now and has a new camp off to the side. I think this is where I found a forest cave as well. I found two bears were at home, guarding a chest with nothing useful in it. But lots of new creatures in this area and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to climb up the rocks and get that sword from the stone. I don’t remember it being this hard last time, but I can’t find the right path to follow. I keep running into some sort of invisible wall and I can’t jump over, through or around it.

I said before I wasn’t a big fan of the in-game music. Not because it was bad, it just didn’t seem to fit. Well, times are a changin’ as there is new music for this Release and it works a whole lot better for me. The style fits the look and feel of the game. In fact, I’ve lingered around a little in order to hear more of a couple of songs.

Things were looking pretty rough on Thursday night when I first had a chance to play, but things are back under control and running pretty smoothly. I was frustrated with the Skills Trainer, but even that seems OK to me now. Once you get a few coins put together it’s really not so bad. Even the Glyphs and Combat seem pretty good. I still used Locked Glyphs and I still don’t understand the penalty for doing so, but this “random hand” idea isn’t working for me. Locked cards and having a reliable skills makes so much more sense to me. I’m making progress and that’s what matters.

Speaking of progress, I got some good experience and gems down in the Graff Gem Mines to slay the Satyr for big XP and walk with gems for some gold coins. I might be at the point where I can buy a house, but to be honest, I think most of the plots are gone. I wasn’t able to get in early (I didn’t see the note about when it started) and I wasn’t one of the lucky few to get some starting money. Even without the house, I think it’s time to start crafting. I see lots of new resources out there and that things like Copper and Gems can be used for weapons and armor. They might be better than the stuff I’m wearing or they may be worth some money at a Merchant.

Also, anyone know where the Pickaxe of Prosperity is in the game? I have the Sickle, Hammer and other tools, but can’t seem to find the Pickaxe. Am I just missing it? Is it locked in a chest somewhere? And since I’m asking for stuff, does anyone know where to get the Sword of the Ba’Heer? I hear it’s pretty good and would like to check it out. 🙂

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