For Release 11, my big accomplishment was finding Veimor in the Greymark Forest, but for those who have been looking, he’s not there anymore. It seems the Tour Guide has taken over his spot underneath the shady tree. So where did he go? I stumbled on him last night quite by accident. He’s picked up stakes and is now hanging out in West Ravenswood. He seems just a noncommittal about going to home to his lady friend Bridget. I arrived on the scene just in time to save Veimor from being ravaged by wolves. They had him surrounded, but we quickly shooed them off. So now the question is, where will he appear for Release 13?

As I was following the path back to Braemar, I noticed a mysterious purple mist blanketing the canopy of Deep Ravenswood. Curious to see what it was, I stopped in to explore the area. Strangely the mist had vanished, but this area has indeed changed from my last visit. I quickly set upon by some huge spiders that swarmed all around me. I managed to fend them off, but then a new band of nasty devils came to put me down. I barely escaped with my life and took a moment to collect my thoughts at the entry gate before venturing back in.

I drew the spiders out two at a time and dispatched them with great haste. Their mob mentality proved to be a little overwhelming, but when you get them alone you can run them through. I also noticed they offered generous experience points for my effort. So did the skeletons that tried to take up the mantle of killing me when the efforts of the spiders failed. But I showed those boney half-wits a bit of what for and shattered their brittle bones with the power of steel!

But apart from gaining a new level, I noticed the remains of something quite strange. At first I thought it was the bones and carcass of a dinosaur, but that couldn’t possibly be right. Then it came to me, these are the bones of a dragon! They have to be! There is a massive chain holding the neck of one to the rocks. Oh my goodness, where did this thing come from and who trapped it? These skeletons don’t have the brain capacity for such an operation. It makes you wonder, where are the dragons now? Have the become extinct? Are they avoiding this area? Will they seek vengeance? Judging from the size of the bones, this was a mighty beast that must have darkened the skies when it flew over. Whatever it did in life, it seems to have met a pretty grim end.

Deep Ravenswood also proved to be an interesting resource area. I found several deposits of Sulfurous Ash, Copper, Iron Ore and even Tin. Whatever is the Tin used for?

It appears Deep Ravenswood hold more mysteries. I have other stops on my journey, but I feel compelled to come back and investigate some more. I’m intrigued by the dragon remains and how they came to be here.

(As an aside, the dragon with the chain around the next reminds me of the opening cinematic for Ultima IV. Anyone else see the same thing?)


There you are Veimor! Now go home before you get yourself mauled by more wolves!


What a strange beast! Is this the carcass of a dragon?


Whatever this strange creature is, it met with a pretty grizzly fate. But who captured it and got it chained up?

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