As I was talking and trading my animal hides with Bodan down in Braemar, he offered up some new information about the wolves in the area. He says the wolves have become more aggressive and if the wolfpack leader were removed things might settle down a bit. He says to look in Valeway, up North on the road, and report back to him. Ok, this seems a bit vague at first, but then I put the pieces together.

If you go to Valeway South and begin to look around, you’ll quickly find a few packs of wolves and they are indeed aggressive. They will chase your ass down and pounce! But if you keep looking you’ll come across one known as “Wolfpack Leader”. This is the one Bodan was talking about. After you put him down, head back to Bodan and he says the quest has been completed and offers 250 gold. The quest is a little flaky but it’s there. Not the biggest cash reward from the good citizens of Braemar, but not bad for these simple people. The wolves will be up on the higher ground as you walk around the area, not just on the path.

With that quest done and a visit to Lord Enmar to dump off all the Ectoplasmic Residue I’ve collected, I gained enough coins to buy the land for a house.  Considering the amount of time it took me to get this far, who knows if I will get the rest of the money for the actual house, but I now have land! It’s right near the front of Braemar which is a pretty darn good spot if you ask me. Settle down HOA, I’m working on the house bit! 

My next adventure lead to a colossal defeat, but stick with me to hear of my epic victory.

Thinking I was quite bold and brave, I went to the Ruins of Ravensmoor to show that Lich with a name I can’t pronounce a bit of what for. Things did not go according to plan and while going toe to toe with this seemingly faceless demon he used the life drain “tractor beam” on me and put me in a terribly weakened state. Then he had the audacity to punch me in the balls, knocking me out. That was the end of that battle and to make matters worse, that bastard broke my sword! I also become keenly aware that health potions aren’t of much value in heated combat. The reset time is incredibly long and the time to actually consume one is incredibly long so that by the time you really need one, it has no effect on you. New strategy time!

But there is an upside to this story. I met up with one of the players that has helped me out before and learned there are some worthwhile trinkets in the sewers of Kingsport and Owl’s Head. Off we went and raided the Epic Plate Boots and the Epic Plate Leggings from the treasure chest that yet another Lich is guarding. I have the Augmented Plate Armor and thought it was pretty good. This is better.

The other pieces are hiding in the Owl’s Head Sewers and there is quite a bit more to that area than meets the eye. I went down there previously and didn’t find a whole lot except spiders. Well I didn’t look carefully enough as there are levers on the wall that need to be triggered. My more experienced guide showed me where the first one was and down we went further into the depths. Then there is a second lever in a side room behind some closed iron bar doors that needs to be switched. Yet another portion opens and then things get serious.

I admit, there may have been a girlish scream as I realized the room was not only full of Skeleton Footman and Skeleton Mages, but 2 Lich floating about casting fireballs and trying to drain the life out of me. I don’t see how it would be possible to actually finish this level on a solo mission! But that’s what friends are for and while I swung like the devil, she was able to join the fray and had the presence of mind to cast healing spells. If the healing potions were worth a damn I might have had a shot of keeping myself alive, but in this fight I desperately needed the help.

And then there was victory! Once the battle was over and I crossed the disease infested water and found a sarcophagus but no treasure. To my surprise, the chest I was seeking was over in the corner, hidden in the water. Once there I found the Epic Plate Chestpiece and the Epic Plate Gauntlets. It’s a nice looking suit of armor and fits me rather well!

Now all I need is a more stylish helm to complete my look.

This little adventure was far more than I bargained for and I don’t see how the solo player can best the monsters in the Owl’s Head Sewers. Hopefully, that balance will come as time goes by. But a nice little victory for me and another fine example of a couple of players coming together to help out with a quest. I see a lot of that in SotA and it makes me glad to be part of the adventure.

Now I suppose I need to figure out how I’m going to get the rest of the money to buy an actual house before time runs out.

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