Normally I’m not one to jump into community events or join in massive raid parties, but I have to admit, doing a Dungeon Run sounds like a great deal of fun. The chaos should be spectacular!

I believe this is the Challenge Dungeon or Chillblain’s Compendium of Pain and Suffering. I wrote about this place before and only made it a few levels before I was face down in the dirt. Clearly this isn’t mean to be a solo venture and since I would like to see what it has to offer, I’m going to see if I can join in the raid/party and do my best to make it to the end.

I’ll be showing up a little bit early to make sure my blades and armor are all repaired and ready to go. And considering how many waves are going to be coming, I think it best to take a few repair kits with me on the journey.

I’ve seen some screenshots and this looks utterly ridiculous! So let’s give it a go shall we?!

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