A few days into Release 12 I was able to purchase a property for my house. I chose Braemar mostly because it was available, but also because it’s a hub of activity for this Release. This is where people start the Grand Tour so why not be where the action is? In fact, I grabbed a lot right off the main road, so that’s a pretty good spot for me.

During the holiday break I managed to get enough gold coins together to actually buy a house for the lot and finally closed the deal. Picking a house wasn’t as easy as thought. I spent quite a bit of time wandering around look at what different people had put together. The Pavilion can look very impressive and even an open air lot when decorated with a tent, crafting tables and other items looks very well done.

I figured I would go large and bought a castle. Not the big City level one, but the Knight version. I figured this way I cold practice my horrible decorating skills in private rather than on the front lawn for all to see. I have no eye for color so I know my property will have some leanings to the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

But that doesn’t matter! I have a house! House buying is a pretty hefty investment these days, but to be honest, I hope housing in the final game is many times more expensive. I’m hoping a standard lot purchase will be around 250k in gold coins and a house will start around 250k as well. It may seem cruel and elitist, but I hope it takes a ton of work and money to buy a house in the final game. Considering the amount of real money it takes to get one, I hope the average player won’t be able to get one within a week. It should take at least a 9 months to save up enough to get a lot and house. But I digress.

I have just started decorating said house and working within the confines of item placement. I remember from before that you can use Q and E to rotate an item, so I’ve been delicately placing items around the layout. There’s a lot more to it than I would have thought. What makes a good looking room that isn’t just loaded down with crap you can buy from a Merchant? What looks practical versus, I have tons of gold to spend?

I will admit that not all of my decorating items came from vendors. It’s possible I pinched a few items from some of the NPCs around the place. Mind you, all of them were evil people so I don’t feel bad in stealing books and candles from Nestor the Necromancer. And I may have taken a couple mugs that didn’t quite belong to me, but I left plenty behind for other people so it’s not really a bad thing. It’s like I tried to walk away with an entire table or bookshelf or something, mostly because those are bolted to the ground and not selectable. I bought the table and chairs so that should count for something!

Anyway, decorating is far more time consuming than I would have thought, but that time goes by very quickly. I was quite engrossed in placing some braziers outside for lighting, a table, chairs, books and a couple of rugs. I look up and nearly an hour had passed.

Maybe I will get fancy and actually craft something for my house. I’m sure an entire day will pass while I try and make a single bookshelf.


My Knight’s table with liberated books and candles


Random assortment of rugs that may or may not have been bought


A little rooftop lighting in preparation of my hottub


Some chairs, paintings, banners, fireworks boxes and vials


A quick look at the outside as the sun starts to set. I’m no Clark Griswold, but my exterior illumination isn’t too bad

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