For those new players that have already finished with the Tour Guides and aren’t sure what to do next, let me offer a few tips and hints to get you moving and to experience the game mechanics and reasons to visit different areas of the world.

These are the Quests I’ve discovered in my travels and there certainly could be more. These are indeed spoilers and are akin to finding an NPC with an exclamation point above their heads. But I look at it this way, this is a good way to get started and most likely these quests will either be gone or radically changed in later versions. Also, these are quite easy to discover, but if you’re new to Shroud of the Avatar you might not be familiar with how this new style of Conversation/Quest system works.

I consider these to be pointers and not handholding. You still have to go to the right place on the map and find the right person. And this is a one time deal. I have no plans to list all the quests available for each release or for the final game. Where’s the fun in that? I’m throwing this out there because I’ve seen a few people mentioned they’re lost and aren’t sure what they need to do. So for Release 13, you’re on your own. 🙂

If you’re not into spoilers or would prefer not to see what quests await then stop reading here, otherwise go ahead and click MORE to get a helping hand.

Owl’s Head:
The Clink – Talk to Myra to get the key for Myron. Finish this quest before talking to Morgan. There is supposed to be a riot going on inside.
Morgan the Vendor – Tell the patron about rancid meat. This is probably bad Karma and will count against the Oracle
Morton – Get his Ledger from Kingsport
Wycliffe – Save Norman from Owl’s Nest. He also has the quest to defeat the Lich in Ruins of Ravensmoor.
Winslow – Get the Healing Herbs from Kingsport
Lord Enmar – Pays for Ectoplasmic Residue, Red Sashes
Dreyfus – Makes the healing potion for Winslow
Randall the Vendor – 15 GP for Animals Pelts
Bentham – Offers 20 GP for Silver Ore
Sewers of Owl’s Head – While there is no “quest” for it, you can go down into the Owl’s Head Sewers which is located to the right as you cross over the bridge into town. This area appears to be small, but check the walls for levers and this will open ways to continue down. This is a gauntlet of monsters so be ready. The reward are several items including the Epic Plate Chestpiece and Gauntlets

Erin the Guildmaster – Wrasse Egg from the Dragon Cave
Harry the Vendor – Wrasse Egg from the Dragon Cave
Julia the Healer – Healing Herbs for Winslow in Owl’s Head
Sewers of Kingsport – Epic Plate Boots and Leggings
Innkeeper – Might be helpful with shipments of ale

Owl’s Nest:
Kelly – Find Bodan in Braemar, then return to speak with her again
Norman – Defeat Guards and take word back to Wycliffe
Nestor the Necromancer – He’s available to talk to but doesn’t specifically offer any quest
Sewers of Owl’s Nest – Epic Plate Chestpiece and Epic Plate Gauntlets

Bodan – Tell him you found Kelly and take his message back to her. Also ask Bodan about Wolves and Wolf. Offering GP for animal hides.
Bridget – Look for Veimor – West Ravenswood near Braemar
Abela – Asks about Kelly who may have run off with bandits
Flynn Gilson – Asks for help in speaking to the innkeeper in Kingsport about getting a shipment of ale
Eileen – There is a begger off in the corner of Braemar asking for coins. Keep an eye out for quest or some other way of helping her “redeem” herself

Valeway South:
Quest to defeat the Wolfpack Leader

Khasi – Get information about Solace Bridge and the Emporer’s Writ
Siranto – Get information about the Undead and the Empress Ring
Pintar – Ask about the undead and the Necropolis
Min Tan Liang – Tell him about the Empress Ring and the Emporer’s Writ. Quest for Tower of the Shuttered Eye
Sheng – Ask about his sister
Guildmaster Chi – Ask about her brother
Beatrice – Ask about Rent to find Ellery
Ellery – Find her near the Mill. Ask her about Rent and offer coins
Samuel – Spirit talker and guide to Necropolis
You will need the password in order to get into the Temple with Khasi

West Ravenswood:

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