I bought some decorations for my house but decided I would go all-in and try making my own. I’ve wanted to revisit Crafting and making my own decorations is just the right motivation.

Crafting has changed a lot since the last time I worked with it. It’s greatly improved and so much easier. You don’t have to drag items onto the table and line them all up. I got so frustrated putting everything on the table and then trying to grab my finished product. But now that items are listed in a table it’s much, much better.

I looked over the list of things I wanted to make and everything starts off with Cotton, Leather or Maple Timber. I started off by getting Animal Hides and Cotton from Valeway North and Maple Timber from the trees in Greymark Forest. I was chopping down every tree I came across. Of course, the Elf Fighters had to keep interrupting me so I had to keep knocking them in the dirt.

I took my haul back to Owl’s Head to make sure I had all the right resources to make things. Handec has most everything for sale, although he runs low on some key items like Fat. I used several of the recipes available on Sotawiki.net, but some of the game mechanics have changed and not all them are up to date. No problem though, the vendor Norman off Peddler’s Row has plenty of recipes for sale. I completely forgot he was even in that little shop. I was looking all over for recipes.

Once I got organized I whipped out dozens of leather hides and spools of cotton. And I ripped all that maple timber into several dozen maple boards. I put together bookshelves, wall shelves, wardrobes, chests, trunks, gothic tables, gothic chairs, regular tables and chairs and a couple of baskets. I even made the Avatar rug and a Repair Kit. I now have chairs and tables all over the place! I turned all that leather into several sets of leggings and chestpieces which I then sold to the merchant for a huge profit! I made well over 20k and ended up buying my own crafting tables.

My house is now covered in furniture and rugs. I may have gone a little overboard. Ah well, all my gaudy decorating will be wiped out in the next couple of days anyway.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with the Crafting. There is a whole lot of depth to the system that’s for sure. I thought it was pretty good when I first tried it out several releases ago, but it’s so much better now. I’m sure it will continue to improve and even more recipes will get loaded into the system. I’m even tempted to try Alchemy and Cooking just for the heck of it. Of course, I’m anxiously waiting for the Brewing skills to kick in, that will be a hoot!

The initial quests were good for getting some quick startup money, but crafting leather items is a sure fire way to get the coins rolling in. At this rate, I might buy a basement just to see what they’re like.


My crafting stations, rugs, chairs, tables and some ill gotten cheese


It’s all about the Rugs! And wall shelves!


Some of the decorations items I made and bought. I have no eye for design!


My gothic tables and chairs complete with a feast!


The bedroom is a bit Spartan. Might need to do something about that.


Let’s eat!


Many wall shelves and another table setting

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2 Responses to The big world of Crafting in Shroud of the Avatar Release 12

  • Michaelangel007 says:

    In R15 Norman the Crafter is located @ (84.4, 71.6, 71.8) in the Owl’s Head Peddler Row (in the building behind Myra the Farmer)

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    Actually, I just paid him a visit this morning to get the recipe for making a bucket. Seems you can’t actually buy one of those in the game right now. The vendor in Kingsport has them for 0gp, but there is an error when adding it to you cart. I haven’t found a location where I could simply take one so to the crafting table I go.

    Now I just need to get a slew of raw cotton so I can make the coil of rope that binds the bucket together.

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