Putting enough money together to get a basement was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated. I once again foraged out into Valeway North and stocked up on Animal Hides. I then turned all of those into Leather and then into Leggings and Chest Armor. After doing this a couple of times I went off and bought the 5 Story Village Basement for my house in Braemar. I just wanted to see what it looked like. That rascal is expensive and I almost forgot to buy the Hatch that goes with it.

It’s funny how it works. The Basement is actually another scene you jump to and the Hatch is the “doorway” to enter that scene. You place it somewhere on your property and then click to enter. It’s a little strange to actually jump out of the scene, but considering the basement isn’t actually connected to your house and they can be varying sizes and placements, it pretty much makes sense this is how it works.

But wow, Basements are big! It’s not a series of massive open rooms, but more of landings and side rooms that go down 5 levels. Rest assured, there is plenty of space to work with. This style won’t let you have tournaments or anything like that, but there is a huge amount of room in there. You could easily put all the crafting tables down there and still have 4 levels of empty space. I saw some of the other basements for larger properties and they are more open and look really neat. This is just mainly storage, but I’m sure there will be some great designs from people who actually know how to decorate.

I’ll use it for storage and will  most likely move all the crafting tables down there. This will give me more room to make even more tables and chairs!

Time is running out for this Release, but it’s been really enjoyable. I think I have most if not all of the available quests done, but it’s hard to be sure. I’ve got a sweet armor setup going and I managed to get the Lot, House and Basement. I got the Grand Tour taken care of by the end of the second day. I hooked up with some other players and completed the Challenge Dungeon. And I even got in some Crafting and made several sacks full of loot. I’ll enjoy that for now, because I know well and good it won’t be so easy in a couple of Releases. As Chris mentioned in the Steamathon, Crafting has a 100% success rate for now, but that won’t be the case later on.

But a very entertaining release. Lots of fun things to do and still lots of things to discover.SotA_12-08-14_21-27_1-th

A quick look at the first level of my new basement

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