Like so many other adventurers, I set out to complete the Grand Tour for Release 13. It’s fairly straightforward and you should be able to complete it without having to do battle with too many beasties – except for the Gem Mines.

The Grand Tour consists of 5 locations – Wyton’s Folly, the Plains of Righ Inis, the Owl’s Head Market and 2 locations in the Graff Gem Mines.

Wyton’s Folly – Head South from Braemar and then follow the path West heading to the coast as though you’re going to the Ruins of Ravensmoor. But turn right and move up the coast until you find 3 buildings off on their own. This is Wyton’s Folly.

Once inside head NorthEast, go to the left of the large statue you see carved into the rocks. You’re going to need to walk a long way and stay on the path. You will enter what seems to be the ruins of a small town. The Tour Guide is behind these buildings.

The Plains of Righ Inis – From Braemar, head North toward Kingsroad and Holtrot. From there hook a left and head toward the coast. Once inside, head NorthWest for quite a ways until you see a large rock off in the distance. The Tour Guide is hiding behind it.

Owl’s Head Market – This will be easy. Head to the upper Market in Owl’s Head as though you’re going to see Lord Enmar or Theo who sells weapons and armor.

Graff Gem Mines Outer – Go to the Lunar Rift in Owl’s Head and jump in when you see Gem Mine’s Surface. The first Tour Guide is right in front of you.

Graff Gem Mines Inner – The second Tour Guide is actually inside the mines. You need to head SouthEast down the path and then take a left when you reach the small camp. From there a large mining camp will be set up. Take the path to the right of the large building and follow the path all the way around (heading North) until you see what looks like a mine entrance. You need to head inside. This should now look familiar as the Graff Gem Mines. Go down several levels and you will be met with Kobold Fighters, a Mage and Saytr. Since I had all my weapons I defeated them and then talked to the Tour Guide.

You should now have your hat!! Well done!

I had some issues getting the Tour Guide to respond and had to start and end the conversation multiple times before he noticed me. If this happens to you, just click something else, wait a moment and try the conversation again. I also typed “Hello” and it seemed to kick things off in one instance. But there is lag for him so expect to try a couple of times. This could be a problem in the Gem Mines where there multiple monsters surrounding the Tour Guide. Plan accordingly!!

Here are a few other things I noticed in the very short time I was looking around.

The Merchants in Owl’s Head have moved. They’re no longer right at the entrance. They have nicer stalls in the Upper Market of Owl’s Head. Again, this is up by Lord Enmar.

You should have all of your items from the last release, but will need to reapply your Skill Points. It may take some gold to put yourself back together again. I had 360 points to redistribute and I’m not entirely sure I did it the same way as before. 🙂

There is a new Craft Merchant in the Owl’s Head Pavillion. Handac isn’t the only one hanging around.

The desert scene is pretty sweet and quite vast. I’m going to head back there and take in more of the scenery.

If you want to have some fun, talk to the deer. Yes, they will answer and you can ask them about Snowballs and Santa.

I even managed to call up my own Reindeer just for fun!

Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction. These are meant to take you right to the Tour Guide, half the fun is finding him on your own. If you really get stuck, give me a shout online and we can go scouting together!


Wyton’s Folly – an abandoned town off the coast of Braemar


The long and dusty of lands of Wyton’s Folly. Head to the left of the statue and keep on going. The Tour Guide is out there, just keep walkingSotA_12-18-14_20-31_1

The Plains of Righ Inis are to the North of Braemar and then to the East, heading to the Coast


The Plains of Righ Inis. Keep going Northwest. The land is pretty barren, but there are some good resources out here


The Tour Guide in Owl’s Head. Should be easy to find next to the upper market


For the Graff Gem Mines, go to Owl’s Head and wait for Gem Mine Surface to appear as the destination


The Inner Tour Guide is right at the entrance. As you can see he was a little swarmed with visitors


Head down the path and then left when you see this little Kobold camp


Keep going, there is a lot walking this Tour


The Graff Gem Mines. Go to the right, where the steps are in the sand


Keep following the path until you find this. You need to enter the mine to find the last Tour Guide


The Tour Guide is down at the bottom of the mines. He will be surrounded by Kobold and Saytr. It won’t be this peaceful when you get there.


And finally, here is my pet reindeer. We’re just hanging out taking the sights and sounds of Owl’s Head.

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