So with Release 13 on us and with all the resources, housing, decorations, armor, weapons and gold still available from the last Release, whatever shall I do? I’ve been cooking up some plans on what to do next and where I would like to go. We’ve got new scenes and some lesser explored old scenes. I’ve got big armor and a big sword so I can fend off attackers, I’ve got skill points to make me more dangerous and I’ve got plenty of gold to buy stuff. So, what is there to do?

Here’s a bit of a checklist I’m working with of places to see and things to do.

The Grand Tour and Yule Hat:

Meet all the Tour Guides and get my Yule Hat.

Set up a Guild:

Oh yes indeed, set up a mighty Guild of one! My base of operations will be my hot tub laden castle down in Braemar and from there I will launch campaigns to gather pelts, find ale, smite skeletons and craft leather shoes. It will be glorious!


I’ve spent the last week or more messing around with crafting, specifically carpentry, milling, tailoring and tanning. I think I will try cooking, smithing and smelting this time around. This will probably come later as I obviously need to get the right resources together to make something. I’m also going to need some recipes, I have no idea what I’m doing and since we’re messing with liquid metal, safety first!! I have plenty of room in the basement, so time to buy more crafting stations. Crafting Stations for Christmas!!

Level up and learn more skills:

I reached level 41 with my character and thought that was pretty good. I’m going to dedicate more time to push on even further so I can explore more aspects of the skill tree. Not that I’m looking for the min/max, I just want to see what other skills are offered and what sort of effect they have. This will mainly focus on combat for now, although I’ve seen people killed in the street by some wicked magic, swirling clouds of Black Death and skulls appearing out of the ether to steal their souls. I remember being in Kingsport when this gal finished her drink, stood up, and killed a man in the street just to watch him die. She never laid a hand on him, but there he was, face down in the street, the nerves twitching as life left him. It’s was pretty righteous! My character isn’t set up for magic this time around, maybe that will be the course I take in R15.

Places to explore:

I was really too much of a pansy to give these places a good look last time around, so maybe it’s time to go back and see what we have.

Explore the Obsidian Keep. This was part of a previous Tour, but I never really went back there and checked it out. Is there more than just the Lich in the back? Let’s go back and have a look. Of course if I get slapped around and die in the gutter we’ll skip right over talking about this place.

Explore the new scenes of Righ Inis and Wyott’s Folly. These are wide open plains so they’re worth checking into. Looks like there are some good resources out there if nothing else.

Explore the Mysterious Swamp. If I’m going to do some Alchemy, I’ll need some of the rare reagents. Even if I don’t, I’d like to know what they look like so I know what to sell on the black market. I should be at a level where I can wade out into the swamps and not get eaten.

Try and finish the quest for the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. Not sure this is even hooked up yet, but it’s worth trying again just to see if it works. If nothing else, it’ll be a fun trip to the top.

A visit to the den of the Red Sash Bandits. From the description in the Portalarium email, they have new attire that makes them “bandity” so why no go have a look. If nothing else, I’ll steal their gems and stab Nestor the Necromancer in the kidney’s. Prison rules baby!!


Since I see so many people complain about immersion breaking devices and houses that look gaudy and tacky, I’ve decide to collect as much money as possible and buy the most useless and ugly crap I can find, stack it on top of each other and spread it all over the lawn in the most random way possible. Hopefully one of the “immersion” players will come by, take a screenshot, post it on the forums and say how ugly it looks. My work will be complete.

Anybody want to join in my adventures? Look me up in-game and let’s head out there!

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