I warned you mentioned I was going to make and Guild and that’s exactly what I did. I snagged my Yule Hat, whipped up some items on the crafting tables to get enough gold and then handed over a sack full of coins to the Guildmaster and created my Guild. I am now the leader of the Punch-Drunk Templars!

My base of operations is down in Braemar and the goal is to scour the lands looking wine, women and song. Ok, forget the song, just bring forth the wine and the women. And if I had to choose, just give me the wine. But let’s be real, there’s no wine in the game so we’ll skip to the beer. We’ll head over to Wody’s and drink til we stumble off the pier and fall in the ocean! Who’s with me?!

With two items off the list, it’s now time to head out into the world and explore! First stop will be Wyton’s Folly to the West and then Righ Inis to the East. East my friend, always East!

I shall walk through the desert with nothing but my memories and a song in my heart to keep me company. Well, that and the reindeer I can now tame. He’ll come with me! He’ll be my buddy!

I hear there are scorpions in this game, let’s go poke them with a stick and see what happens!

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